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The importance of society maintaining peace after the 2024 election results are determined


By: Cellin Oktaviani)*

The General Election Commission (KPU) has officially determined the winner of the 2024 election. Therefore, it is very important for all people in Indonesia to continue to maintain peace, especially after the determination of the election results in order to maintain conduciveness and peace in the holy month of Ramadhan.

The KPU has officially determined candidate pair number 2 Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka as the winners of the 2024 Election. With the determination of the election results, which were carried out through gradual recapitulation from the polling station (TPS) level to the national level, the Minister of Home Affairs Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian Minister of Home Affairs) Muhammad Tito Karnavian appreciated how the democratic party was held in the country.

Not to be missed, high appreciation was also given to the election implementers, especially the Indonesian KPU for determining the final results of the vote recapitulation smoothly. So far, the KPU continues to complete its various tasks at the national level plenary meeting according to the schedule that was set, namely on March 20 2024.

Moreover, so far the implementation of political contestation in Indonesia continues to take place in a very transparent or open manner so that it can be very easily accessed directly by the entire community.

This also includes how the announcement of the results of the determination is carried out via live streaming or via live broadcast from the Regency upwards, meaning that this means that this can be followed by all members of the public in a very open and transparent manner.

After the Indonesian KPU officially determines the results of the 2024 General Election, all people in Indonesia will automatically know how the democratic process continues to be upheld in the country in order to elect people’s leaders. Since the beginning, all election processes have taken place in a fully democratic manner.

In fact, if you look at the entire process of the General Election in 2024, it turns out that it is much calmer, very cool and peaceful compared to how the General Election was held in 2019.

Losing and Winning in Democratic Elections is a Normal Thing

As in other contestations, political contestations or general elections also inevitably leave a winner and a loser in the end. So, if you lose or win, you should be able to deal with it very normally, very calmly and naturally because it is in a contest, that’s what it must be like.

All people in Indonesia should be able to respond to the defeat or victory of the contesting party, even if it is the party they support, with a reasonable attitude because this nation adheres to democratic principles in its government.

Therefore, instead of having to continue dwelling on this matter, it would be much better if now society was able to move on or ‘move on’ from the hustle and bustle of holding the democratic party.

For now, the priority that should be carried out by all elements of the nation together is to develop this country by carrying out reconciliation to fully support the next government’s programs so that they can run smoothly to further advance the country.

The State Facilitates Election Disputes Through Legal Channels

Even though the final results of the implementation or recapitulation of the 2024 Election votes have been officially announced by the Indonesian KPU, the state still provides facilities fully and openly for parties who are dissatisfied with the final results of the announcement.

This indicates that Indonesia is indeed a very democratic country, where various kinds of opinions or differences of thought can be expressed openly and even facilitated well by the state through applicable legal mechanisms.

So far, there have been rumors of structured and systematic election fraud, so that the government and the state have really opened the door very wide to parties who still feel dissatisfied with the results of the announcement of the 2024 Election determination, they can convey this to the Constitutional Court (MK).

Not only did they convey their objections, but in the forum provided by the government and the state, a group of dissatisfied parties were also able to prove their various findings regarding accusations or accusations of election fraud.

In this way, the public can find out very openly if, for example, fraud occurred in the implementation of the democratic party in Indonesia as alleged, namely systematic and measurable fraud.

Don’t just become a party who is able to provoke by spreading lots of completely unfounded issues and make more efforts to spread slander or fake news and hoaxes on social media so that the information received by the public becomes confused.

Instead of acting like this, it would be much better if parties who were not satisfied with the final results of the determination of the General Election recapitulation by the Indonesian KPU immediately took the election dispute to legal channels which has been facilitated by bringing a series of evidence based on their accusations.

)* The author is a contributor to the Persada Institute

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