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Synergize to Maintain Unity, Resolve Election Disputes Through Legal Channels


Synergy to continue to maintain national unity and unity is something that is very important to foster, in the context of implementing General Elections (Pemilu) like today, if several parties object to the point that a dispute arises, then the election dispute should be able to be resolved through existing legal channels. facilitated and legal.

This was stated by the General Chairperson of the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership (Ketum PP), Haedar Nashir. He advised that if there is a dispute over the election results, whether because of irregularities or because of something unintentional or negligence or irregularities that are not in accordance with the provisions, then all relevant parties should use the legal principles that apply in Indonesia.

It is also hoped that all parties involved in dealing with the results of election disputes, such as the election organizers, namely the General Election Commission (KPU) and the Election Supervisory Body (Bawaslu) as well as the Constitutional Court (MK) and all other institutions that process all matters related to election disputes, will be able to resolve them. with the rules that apply in this country.

Not only that, all efforts to resolve election disputes should uphold the principle of accountability, be open, so that the final results will be able to satisfy all parties, because disputes can be resolved legally and very transparently.

Maintaining the unity and unity of the nation is very important after the implementation of political contestation in the 2024 elections. If, for example, there are still cracks in the body of this nation due to scars from the election process, the parties involved should be able to immediately carry out reconciliation.

One of the keys to realizing this reconciliation lies in political figures and elites who must be able to be role models for the people to continue to unite them from friction that may have previously occurred. They must be an example of how to apply the principles of democracy in a mature manner to Indonesian society.

Then, the community itself and also the mass media must also participate in fully supporting efforts to create harmony again after the implementation of the democratic party, because in reality the unity and integrity of this nation itself is too expensive if it has to collapse and crack just because of friction in the elections. .

Meanwhile, Constitutional Court (MK) Judge Saldi Isra said that his party was very ready to face any potential disputes related to the results of the 2024 elections. For him, facing a dispute related to the democratic party was not the first time for the MK. The Constitutional Court is very ready to face this dispute and the judges will also continue to maintain the independence of the Constitutional Court.

General election disputes are a consequence that may occur in the election administration system in Indonesia. Providing facilities for conducting disputes is very important to guarantee and ensure that all parties are able to have their voices accommodated.

The existence of a mechanism in the election itself is actually not only for resolving a dispute, but is also able to protect various rights of citizens from possible violations, then further improve the election process and restore the legitimacy of the government.

Several countries, including Indonesia, have also established independent institutions to organize elections and institutional mechanisms for resolving disputes in general elections.

Possible forms of election violations can occur from the planning stage to vote counting, which includes administrative and criminal violations. When violations occur, it is clear that not only will it harm the quality of the election, but it can also make people doubt the results of the election and have an impact on the legitimacy of the government being threatened, what is even worse is that social and political stability in society will be disturbed.

So that this stability is not disturbed, it is very important that every election contestant has a warrior spirit. Regarding this, the administrator of the Lirboyo Kediri Islamic Boarding School, KH Abdullah Kafabihi Mahrus, hopes that all citizens will remain calm and maintain Indonesian unity whatever the outcome of the 2024 elections.

Public tranquility is something that is very important to continue to maintain in order to create the unity and unity of the Republic of Indonesia because it is something that is even more important than anything else. In fact, the main objective of the presidential election itself is actually to carry out a democratic process so that the entire community must be able to make it a success and complete the democratic process happily.

In order to maintain the unity and unity of the nation after the election, the synergy of all elements and society in Indonesia is very important. If, for example, there is still a dispute regarding the election results, then the resolution should be carried out through applicable and valid legal channels, as regulated in the constitution.

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