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Take Action of KST Papua, Government Realizes Peace and Prosperity for the Papuan People


The conflict in Papua has become one of the most complex and ongoing problems in Indonesia. For decades, this conflict has caused suffering for Papuans, with an armed group known as the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) operating in the region and using violent acts that harm the local population. Until now, the government continues to strive to achieve peace and prosperity for the Papuan people. One of them, the Indonesian government has taken positive steps in an effort to resolve this conflict.

KST Papua seems to be driven by ambition for power and has a specific political agenda. They have used violence and terror tactics in their struggle, which has caused unnecessary suffering for Papuans who are often victims in confrontations between KST Papua and security forces. Disruption to residents’ daily lives, disruption to regional economic development, and even loss of life have been negative impacts of this conflict.

It is important to remember that overcoming the conflict in Papua is not an easy task, and sustainable peace will not happen overnight. However, the safety and welfare of Papuans must always be the main focus in every step taken. All parties, including the government, civil society and international organizations, must commit to achieving sustainable peace and improving the quality of life of the Papuan people.

National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo appreciated the performance of the 2023 Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force personnel. Sigit gave awards in the form of extraordinary promotions (KPLB) to 35 Cartenz Peace Task Force personnel.

Sigit presented the award at the National Police SSDM Coordination Meeting at the Borobudur Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (7/11/2023). Sigit also interacted via Vicon with Cartenz Peace Operations Task Force personnel to hear directly about the current situation in Papua after the KST Papua attack.

According to Sigit, this award was given thanks to the hard work of all personnel in carrying out their duties in Papua. Bearing in mind, the Cartenz Peace Task Force is also tasked with maintaining conduciveness for the smooth running of national development which has been planned by the Government. Apart from that, the National Police Chief also emphasized that all Cartenz Peace Task Force personnel must maintain stamina, cohesiveness as well as synergy and solidity with the TNI. The struggle against KST Papua is still quite long. The government will continue to defend every inch of the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Therefore, it is not limited to the security forces who must maintain unity against KST Papua, but rather every level of society who cares about the peace of the Land of Papua.

Civil society and international organizations also have a responsibility to accelerate the resolution of problems in Papua. Civil society can play a role in mediating dialogue between conflicting parties, promoting peace, and providing humanitarian assistance. International organizations can provide support in the form of humanitarian assistance and advocacy to achieve peace in Papua.

In line with this, the Chair of the Papua Red and White Laskar Regional Headquarters, Jan Christian Arebo, continues to encourage security forces to immediately take firm action against KST Papua, perpetrators of killing civilians, especially in conflict areas. Arebo also said that the killings carried out by KST Papua were unjustified and very barbaric, so KST Papua had to be processed and dealt with firmly.

Apart from that, economic development in Papua also has an important role in creating long-term stability. Efforts to increase economic development and create jobs will help reduce poverty and improve the quality of life for Papuans. The Indonesian government can work together with the private sector and international organizations to develop sustainable economic projects.

It is important to create space for the political participation of Papuans in making decisions that affect their future. Enabling Papuans to have a voice in the political process would help ease tensions and create a fairer deal.

Apart from diplomatic efforts, the protection and welfare of civilians is a top priority for the government. Civilians must not become victims in this conflict. Humanitarian organizations and concerned parties have played an important role in providing humanitarian assistance, medical services and education to affected residents. They have helped reduce the suffering of the Papuan people and provided much needed support.

In an effort to achieve peace and prosperity for the Papuan people, we all have a responsibility. The conflict in Papua is a problem that involves all parties, and the solution must reflect the aspirations of the Papuan people to live in peace and prosperity. All parties must work together to end this conflict and move Papua towards a brighter future.

In dealing with the conflict in Papua, the Indonesian government must continue to strive to achieve peace and prosperity for the Papuan people. The steps that have been taken are a good start, but these efforts must continue to be improved. The safety and welfare of Papuans must always be the top priority in these efforts. All parties must unite to end this conflict and move Papua in a better direction.

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