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Elections Must Prioritize Unity and Togetherness


The 2024 General Election or Election is getting closer. Nevertheless, society is asked to always prioritize unity and togetherness amidst existing political differences.

The 2024 General Election (Pemilu) will be the main highlight on Indonesia’s political map. The excitement and political turmoil was increasingly felt ahead of the democracy event.

Regarding this matter, the Minister of Trade, Zulkifli Hasan, took firm steps in ensuring that this election must uphold the values ​​of unity and togetherness.

Zulkifli Hasan, or who is more familiarly called Zulhas, has given a call and invitation to maintain unity and togetherness in the 2024 election process. During one of his visits to the Ar-Risama Islamic Boarding School Ponorogo, Zulhas firmly conveyed a message of peace to the community.

He views the importance of carrying out the democratic process wisely and avoiding divisions in political competition. Zulhas emphasized that political competition must always be within the framework of amar maruf nahi mungkar, so that there is no place for hurting each other and attacking fellow citizens. In this context, elections must be carried out peacefully, ethically and civilized.

Zulhas also emphasized the importance of curbing emotions and approaching elections with peace as a foundation. He conveyed this message in an effort to create a peaceful election atmosphere, avoid excessive tension, and maintain national unity.

During his visit, Zulhas expressed his belief that the 2024 election must be a moment of unification and celebration of democracy characterized by togetherness, not a fight that destroys the social order.

However, Zulhas is not the only figure who has raised this issue. Sayuti, Chair of the Love the Nation Community Forum (FMCB), also highlighted the urgency of maintaining national unity in the elections.

In a public discussion with the theme ‘The Threat of Polarization and Hate Speech: Containing SARA in the Digital Space in a Political Year’, Sayuti emphasized that the 2024 Election is not solely about who is elected President and Vice President. More than that, Sayuti emphasized the importance of ensuring that differences in political choices do not lead to the division of the nation.

Sayuti described the bitter experience experienced in the 2017 DKI Jakarta Regional Election and the 2019 Presidential Election, where polarization and political battles based on SARA shook the social foundations of society. For example, the SARA battle at the two election moments dominated, surpassing thoughts, ideas and vision and mission.

This causes damage to the ecosystem of the nation and state, with impacts that reach down to the family and community. In fact, in some cases, political differences have created quite serious conflicts, such as divorce within the household and disputes between families.

Sayuti’s statement shows how important it is to maintain unity and togetherness amidst political differences.

Apart from that, the Executive Director of People’s Democratic Studies (SDR), Hari Purwanto, also provided a similar view. Hari Purwanto observes that Indonesian society has reached a level of fatigue with politics that uses issues of religion, race and class as a tool to win elections.

Voter focus has shifted from identity conflicts to the thoughts and ideas of presidential and vice presidential candidates. This indicates that elections must be a platform that promotes constructive ideas and rational thinking, and avoids polarization and hate speech.

In Hari Purwanto’s view, young people who currently make up the majority of voters have shown a more mature attitude and tend to maintain the integrity of the nation and state. They are more focused on understanding the vision, mission and programs of presidential and vice presidential candidates, and are less interested in polarization.

This shows that society is increasingly mature in understanding the importance of national unity and democracy based on ideas and ideals.

Apart from that, the General Chair of PRABU Volunteers, Arvindo Noviar, also observed a shift in political polarization. According to Arvindo, political polarization has now reduced, especially among the younger generation who are increasingly active in digital public spaces.

However, Arvindo also highlighted the negative influence of social media and digitalization on the spirit of nationalism. This underlines that a more mature approach to politics is very important to take in the 2024 elections.

According to Arvindo, the universe supports making the upcoming Indonesian elections a stage that promotes more balanced thinking, avoids destructive conflict, and provides space for discussion and elaboration. This view reflects the enthusiasm for creating more peaceful elections and reconciling political differences.

From the views of the sources above, it can be seen that the 2024 Election must be considered as a momentum to promote unity, togetherness and positive thinking. Indonesia’s brilliant future must be built on the foundation of unity in diversity.

All elements of society, leaders and voters must play an active role in maintaining peace and prioritizing unity in diversity. Elections are not just an arena for destructive political battles, but rather an opportunity for the entire nation to unite in achieving common goals.

Hopefully this message of peace will be an important milestone in the Indonesian nation’s journey towards a brighter and more harmonious future.

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