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The Community Has a Big Role in Maintaining Post-Election Peace


After the 2024 General Election (Pemilu), Indonesia is entering a crucial phase in maintaining peace and political stability. In the post-election atmosphere which is full of political dynamics, various parties, from traditional leaders, government officials, to community leaders, have spoken out loud inviting all citizens to actively maintain unity and peace.

This is not only the responsibility of the government or related institutions, but is the collective obligation of all elements of society to play an active role in building an atmosphere conducive to sustainable development.

In facing post-election dynamics, collective awareness to maintain unity and peace is the main key. Not only responding wisely to the election results, but also emphasizing the importance of avoiding conflict and strengthening solidarity between various political choices.

With collective awareness and the active role of every individual, Indonesia can move forward as a stable, sovereign and prosperous country.

Raja Amfoang Robby G Manoh, an important figure in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), invited the community to maintain unity and calm. On this occasion, he emphasized the need to maintain security and order after this historic moment.

His presence is not only as a traditional figure, but as a voice asking for collective awareness not to be provoked by potential divisions.

When appealing, King Amfoang asked for support for whoever was elected. For him, election decisions are a reflection of the will of the people and the will of God. The message is not just a call, but also a commitment to maintaining stability and harmony in NTT.

This is a collective call to strengthen unity, maintain territorial integrity, and build a better future.

Not far from NTT, the voice of the Deputy Regent of Sleman, Danang Maharsa, could also be heard. After the 2024 General Election and Presidential Election, he also asked for the community’s active participation in maintaining security and environmental conduciveness.

In his speech, he thanked all parties involved in the smooth running of the democratic process. Awards were given to officers, including security forces, as well as all citizens who exercised their right to vote.

Danang’s invitation to the people of Sleman is not only limited to accepting the election results, but also increasing professionalism in carrying out their duties. In this discourse, the role of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) within the Sleman Regency Government is appointed as a determinant of the quality of public services.

The public’s high expectations for good service are the focus, where honesty, efficiency and speed are aspects that cannot be ignored.

Moving on from Java, the voice of the Regent of North Luwu, Indah Putri Indriani, also resonated. He emphasized the importance of maintaining order after the vote counting. His appeal was strong, asking the public not to hold convoys as a form of appreciation for the election results.

Solidarity and peace are emphasized as top priorities. Regent Indah asked the public to guard democracy wisely, accepting the election results as the best step for the nation.

In his appeal, Regent Indah highlighted the importance of unity and togetherness as the foundation of development. He emphasized that political differences must end after the election process. Through this invitation, he described the importance of harmony in political, economic, social and cultural aspects as a solid foundation for development.

Awareness of the active role of society in maintaining post-election peace is the main theme of the call for these regional leaders. They not only voiced a message of unity, but also raised awareness of shared responsibility in maintaining conducive conditions.

These messages are manifested in the form of invitations, thanks and appeals that cover all levels of society.

Based on what these important figures have said, it is clear that leadership is not only hierarchical, but also inclusive. Community involvement in maintaining post-election peace is an important milestone in building a democratic and civilized society. Support and participation from various parties is the main asset in maintaining state stability.

Therefore, after the democratic elections, let us work together to maintain diversity, strengthen unity and maintain peace. This responsibility does not only lie on the shoulders of leaders, but also on the shoulders of every individual in society.

In this way, we can ensure that the democratic process does not stop at the voting booth, but also extends into our daily practices.

Let’s create a peaceful and prosperous Indonesia through hard work, mutual cooperation and togetherness. By maintaining post-election unity and peace, we are building a solid foundation for a better future for the nation.

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