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Reject the existence of KST Papua


By : Adrianus Bonay )*

Until now, the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KST) is still causing chaos and creating threats to civil society, especially Indigenous Papuans (OAP). So many people reject the existence of KST Papua. The government, through the security forces, is taking firm action against the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KSTP) which has repeatedly carried out criminal acts and violence against civilians. Apart from that, the government is making serious efforts to enforce the law against KST Papua who commit criminal acts. Security forces are also trying to uncover and arrest KST Papua members who are involved in attacks on civilians, security forces, murders, kidnappings and other activities.

Papua consists of six provinces and 42 districts and cities, while only three districts are declared as separatist red zones, namely Nduga, Intan Jaya and Puncak. These three districts were declared separatist red zones because in that area there were frequent acts of violence, including rape and murder of civilians, including children and women. So this incident has created extraordinary terror and fear for the community. In fact, the conflict situation in Papua with the ever-increasing escalation of violence is beyond the limits of humanitarian reasoning.

KST Papua is the most cowardly rebel gang in the world. The reason is, their actions often hide behind the bright names of religious figures. Apart from that, the methods of the KST Papua rebellion that have been carried out so far have actually used cowardly methods. They used women and children as shields to fight the TNI and Polri security forces. Apart from that, acts of terror are often carried out by KST Papua in various regions in Papua. KST Papua also expelled residents to vacate their villages on the grounds that they were going to war with the TNI and Polri security forces. In its attacks, KST Papua often releases propaganda and one of them is slandering TNI and Polri troops.

Meanwhile, Papuan Community Leader, Rulche Wally, said that the brutal actions carried out by KST Papua had exceeded the limits of reasonableness. His party together with the Papuan people do not agree and do not accept all the actions taken by KST Papua. Because all the actions taken by KST Papua always make people anxious and hinder development in the Land of Papua. Apart from that, his party also hopes that the security forces will take firm action against KST Papua because they have committed a lot of violence against the community, especially Indigenous Papuans (OAP).

The series of terror acts carried out by KST Papua was not due to the lack of welfare carried out by the government in Papua. The government is actually increasing development and welfare of the people in Papua. But KST Papua really doesn’t like the development carried out by the government. Welfare development carried out by the government reduces the influence of these separatist groups on society. Because of this, the separatist group carried out terror and attacks on civilians. So under these conditions, the government continues to prepare steps, both soft and hard approaches, to resolve the Papua KST problem. Because the people in Papua must be guaranteed security and decent living comfort.

The existence of the Papuan Separatist Terrorist Group (KSTP) is a frightening terror for the Papuan people. They cannot carry out activities freely like ordinary citizens. At all times they must be alert to the appearance of KST Papua who could take them hostage and even commit acts of violence or burn down houses and take food.

Currently, the government continues to make serious efforts to take firm action against Papuan KST members who commit criminal acts. Security forces continue to try to uncover and arrest Papuan KST members who are involved in attacks on security forces and civilians, murders, kidnappings and other activities. Through a fair legal process, the government seeks to ensure accountability and limit the activities of KST Papua.

The Papuan people strongly condemn all brutal actions and movements of the Papuan KST, because they have damaged the foundations of harmony and peace in Papua. Therefore, the people in Papua fully support every effort made by the government through the security forces to take firm action against KST Papua, which is the source of chaos in the land of Papua.

The Papuan KST action took Papua’s development framework off the path that the Papuan people should be able to enjoy now. When development stops, in the long term it will have an impact on problems with the welfare of the Papuan people, such as road access from one region to another.

The Indonesian government has committed to resolving the KST Papua conflict through a comprehensive approach. By combining security and development, the Government seeks to create safe and supportive conditions for the Papuan people. Through regional security, law enforcement, infrastructure development and community empowerment, the Government seeks to achieve security and sustainable development in Papua. Apart from that, the role of all elements of society is very much needed and must work together to help the government and TNI-Polri in overcoming the series of KST Papua actions.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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