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The Government Continues to Optimize Papuan Human Resource Development

The aspect that determines the sustainability and journey of a nation forever is human resources. 
The progress or decline of a nation will be largely determined by the quality of the human resources in that country.
Currently the government is launching various quality human resource preparation programs in Papua. 
Efforts that will now be carried out immediately begin with fulfilling children’s basic needs in a complete, stimulant and sustainable manner.
Vice President Ma’ruf Amin once stated that land has great value in the hearts of the Papuan people. 
Both from the spiritual, sociological, anthropological, cultural and economic aspects of society.
To protect the land of Papua, human resources based on qualified native Papuans themselves are needed to be able to maintain and develop the Papua region to become prosperous and advanced.
Papuan Education Practitioner, and Head of the Vocational School Development Division at the Regional Library and Archives Education Service (DP2AD), Yulianus Kuayo, revealed that creating Papuan Human Resources (HR) that are superior and competitive in the future, should be prepared from an early age. 
One of these efforts is through Holistic and Integrated Early Childhood Education (PAUD) in communities based on Indigenous Papuans (OAP).
According to Yulianus, the golden period is the right moment to instill values ​​and education in children, including nutritional status as an important aspect that supports growth and development, character formation and intelligence that will be carried into adulthood.
Preparing Papuan human resources from an early age should be carried out in a 
holistic, integrative manner , to meet the diverse essential needs of children including physical and non-physical, mental, emotional and social aspects. 
Holistic stimulation includes education, health, nutrition, care, nurturing, protection and welfare services.
The conditions experienced by Papuan children today are very diverse, namely the lack of responsibility of fathers and mothers to look after children because they are busy earning a living from morning to night. 
So in the end children do not get good nutritional intake, children do not get love from a father and mother and in the end children will be more easily influenced by the surrounding environment.
It can be assumed that families still do not have full knowledge about nutritional intake, educational simulations, and faith formation for prospective families are also not optimal.
Apart from that, the Southwest Papua Provincial Government also provides serious attention to the Papuan people as an extension of the central government by focusing on a number of universities in the city and Sorong Regency.
The attention given is in the form of grant assistance amounting to one billion for a number of campuses. 
During a visit to several universities, the acting Governor of Southwest Papua, Muhammad Musaad, assessed that there were still many things that needed to be addressed, so that with the help of these grant funds, universities in Southwest Papua would further develop.
Furthermore, the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ma’ruf Amin, also reviewed the need for human resources to improve the quality of education and improve education through the appointment of teachers because many teachers have not been appointed, they are generally high school graduate teachers with certain conditions.
The quality of OAP’s human resources cannot be separated from their perceptions regarding welfare. 
Adequacy in meeting basic needs and being able to carry out routine activities well is an illustration of OAP’s assessment of well-being and then influences motivation to obtain higher education.
To meet the criteria for adequate education, the government also provides facilities and appoints teachers so that they are more enthusiastic about teaching and the quality of education in Papua continues to improve.

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