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The government continues to try to free Susi Air pilots from KST Papua


The Papuan Terrorist Separatist Group (KSTP) never tires of destroying the ideology of the Indonesian nation and insists on the independence of Papua and its separation from the Indonesian state. One of the actions taken by KSTP was to hold the Susi Air pilot hostage, which has been taking place for nine months. However, the government has never remained silent, various efforts have been made to free the Susi Air pilot from KSTP custody.

Previously, Egianus Kogoya took pilot Philip hostage after the Susi Air plane landed at the Paro airfield, Nduga Regency, Papua Mountains on February 7 2023, and the group burned the plane.

Indonesian security officials had previously prepared Rp. 5 billion as ransom money, but KSTP never asked for ransom money as a condition for release. TPNPB-OPM spokesperson, Sebby Sambom, emphasized that the New Zealand pilot would not be shot dead by the group. However, the pilot’s release will only be carried out on condition that the Indonesian government agrees to sit at the negotiating table with the TPNPB-OPM.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D. Fakhiri said efforts to free Susi Air pilot Philip Mark Mehrtens from the armed criminal group (KKB) led by Egianus Kogoya were still ongoing. Inspector General Mathius hopes that Philip’s release will be a Christmas gift.

However, on the other hand, OPM spokesperson Sebby Sambom said that his party no longer regularly publishes the condition of the Susi Air pilot because there has been no negotiation effort from the Indonesian or New Zealand governments to release Philip.

Mathius also hopes that the KKB can release Philip on December 25 with all the steps and communication methods that have been developed, so that it produces results. based on the results of developments carried out by the Acting (Pj) Regent of Nduga Edison Gwijangge. Mathius said that Edison Gwijangge had communicated with Egianus Kogoya’s group.

The security apparatus revealed that there would be good news regarding efforts to free Susi Air pilot Philip Mark Mehrtens, who was held hostage by KSTP since last month, but it was not explained in its entirety what the good news was. Efforts to free him are still ongoing and security forces are taking various approaches to free Captain Philip.

It is feared that the protracted hostage-taking of the Susi Air pilot will create unsafe conditions for the people of Nduga, where the people will become victims when fighting occurs between the TNI-Polri and KSTP. so the New Zealand pilot must be released immediately

Seeing the existing conditions and potential to deal with this problem, TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono said that he would not use military force, his party would use the best way to free the pilot from New Zealand, one of which was by continuing to seek negotiations with community, religious and political figures. Egianus’ family asked him to release the hostages safely

Various efforts are still being made, namely through thorough negotiations and careful in-depth research to minimize the big impact on Indonesia. The government wants to ensure that the release of the Susi Air pilot does not cause problems for the community.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said the government continues to work hard to free Susi Air pilot Philip Mark Merthens who was held hostage by KSTP and emphasized that the government will not just remain silent about KSTP’s threats.

As a result of monitoring by security forces, the security situation in the Nduga Regency area is relatively safe and under control. The government continues to strive to provide a sense of security to the people in the area so that it is hoped that it will remain maintained. The government reminds us that the hostage-taking of Susi Air pilots and Papua are two different things and have nothing to do with the condition of the Papuan people.

Meanwhile, Military Commander

Establishing communication with Egianus Kogoya and his members is expected to be a manifestation of a liberation process. Izak emphasized that the security forces will also prepare firm and measurable legal action steps that will continue to operate safely and peacefully without any casualties.

Therefore, KSTP’s actions continue to hamper the development process of Papuan development which should be enjoyed by the Papuan people, which will have a long-term impact on the welfare problems of the Papuan people, such as road access from one region to another, educational infrastructure and health facilities.

The government has committed to overcoming the KSTP conflict through a comprehensive approach, combining security and development, one of which is through regional security, law enforcement, infrastructure development and community empowerment. This aims to achieve security and sustainable development in Papua. Apart from that, the role of all elements of society is needed and they must work together to help the government and security forces in eradicating KSTP.

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