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The government ensures that the 2024 elections will be peaceful and conducive


The General Election (Pemilu) is a joint effort to continue national development. The public is asked to always make this activity a success, which is a milestone in the revival of democracy. The community also acts as an agent who can eradicate and correct misinformation. The truth of information must be the main basis before spreading the message. Checking information is key to avoiding misunderstandings and political polarization that can harm the democratic process.
Chairman of the Indonesian Catholic Bishops’ Conference (KWI), Mgr Antonius Subianto Bunjamin OSC, emphasized that the 2024 elections should not be taken lightly. Antonius warned of the potential for all means that candidates might use to achieve their political goals, including practices that could damage democracy, such as money politics, nepotism and the formation of political dynasties.
The problem is increasingly complex with identity politics becoming a trend, where ethnicity, religion, race and intergroup (SARA) are used as tools by politicians to achieve political interests. This phenomenon is one of the causes of the decline in the quality of democracy, especially related to the presidential election, legislative election and regional elections. Involvement in identity politics can trigger social tensions and undermine democratic principles which should uphold justice and unity.
The Indonesian people hope that the election can bring sustainable economic growth, a reduction in social problems, more effective environmental conservation efforts, and the creation of calm in everyday life. The importance of legal certainty supported by professional and impartial authorities is also emphasized as a crucial factor in creating peaceful conditions.
In the context of realizing Golden Indonesia 2045, which was announced by the government as the goal of commemorating the 100th anniversary of Independence, KWI provides full support. Antonius emphasized that all efforts made by the Bishops and Indonesian Catholics were aimed at creating peaceful conditions that support the progress of the nation. If this development is left unattended, the hope of achieving the vision of a Golden Indonesia 2045 will be difficult to realize.
Expert Staff to the Minister of Communication and Information for Communication and Mass Media, Widodo Muktiyo, stated that the Ministry of Communication and Information is campaigning for the 2024 Peaceful Election to increase voter participation to 75 percent. According to him, the benchmark for the success of an election is not only related to the level of public participation. In particular, the Ministry of Communication and Information also pays attention to the dynamics in the digital space.
Facing the 2024 election, he is encouraging the younger generation to respond to information correctly and not get caught up in hoaxes. The Ministry of Communication and Information also invites young voters to create a peaceful 2024 Simultaneous Election and touch the young generation’s sense of concern for the country’s future.
Elections have an important meaning in maintaining state administration and maintaining democratic governance in order to realize the welfare of all Indonesian people, as mandated in the constitution of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. The 2024 democratic elections have an increasingly important meaning, considering that Indonesia is still one of the an important reference for the functioning of a democratic system, amidst the extreme setbacks of democracy in various countries.
Academic personnel in higher education must also maintain neutrality and call on all groups in Indonesia to ensure that the elections are fair, direct, public, free and secret, and that the implementation of the elections will be truly conducive, peaceful, neutral and not spread to each other. hatred.
As children of the nation, let us unite to realize the 2024 Peaceful Election which will have a positive impact on Indonesia’s progress. We must prioritize the maturity of attitudes, thoughts and political maturity of leaders and candidates in responding to and managing all differences and diversity of viewpoints as a normal reality in democratic events. Avoid destructive attitudes, arbitrary actions, violent behavior that damages and divides the components of the nation, avoid and prevent hate speech, hoaxes, slander and fighting against one another which tends to harm the Indonesian people and sacrifice national interests because it is a form of democratic backsliding.
All components of civil society (academics, journalists, religious figures, non-governmental organizations, and various parties who care and are committed) to actively participate together to be part of efforts to make the election a success as a national agenda, in educational, enlightening and critical ways, as part of the responsibility to maintain Indonesian democracy.

The government also continues to encourage all election contestants, election organizers and state officials to prioritize compliance with applicable laws and regulations, maintain integrity and honesty, be fair and commit together to realize dignified and credible elections, as the key to maintaining quality democracy.
By upholding the values of truth, integrity and unity, we can be part of the milestones of democratic revival that will lead Indonesia towards a glorious future. Putting logic and criticism at the forefront in the use of social media is considered a very important first step to support the realization of the 2024 Peaceful Election which will be successful and have a positive impact on our beloved Indonesia.

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