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The Important Role of Religious Figures in Realizing Safe and Peaceful Elections


The escalation of political temperature continues to increase ahead of the upcoming 2024 General Election. Not only at the central level, it is feared that this escalation will also impact areas that are prone to causing divisions in society. Due to these conditions, as a preventive movement, Ulama and preachers were brought in to facilitate disunity in the community.

Indonesia is currently entering a political year and it is hoped that the situation will continue to be conducive through healthy democratic processes and stages. So that it does not harm the nation and state, especially among the people. Safe and peaceful conditions can be created by preventing fake news and not being easily provoked by incitement by irresponsible individuals. So it can create chaos and division in society.

Chairman of the Da’wah Commission of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Ahmad Zubaidi, said he should ask ulama and da’i to take a role in realizing peaceful General Elections. The ulama and preachers are components that are able to encourage peaceful elections. So this step is a step to anticipate divisions in society caused by differences in choices in the elections.

Apart from encouraging the contribution of ulama and da’i, MUI also reminds about the da’wah strategy that can be used, namely wasathiyah da’wah. Wasathiyah da’wah is oriented towards a middle way in dealing with a problem. This step will also be able to become a glue for community relations. Apart from that, MUI also reminded the need for thorough preparation in the realm of da’wah management, because from there the preachers and ulama will be able to synergize optimally and in a focused manner.

Apart from ulama and preachers, religious organizations also play an important role in maintaining unity and integrity ahead of the 2024 elections. This is because the momentum for election contestation must proceed peacefully, politely, ethically and with dignity, and not be trapped in misleading political practices such as identity politics.

The implementation of General Elections (Pemilu) at every level must be successful, because elections produce leaders at various levels who have a big responsibility to safeguard and fight for the benefit of the people. So as religious people we must realize that participation in General Elections is a right and obligation as a good citizen. Therefore, the elections agreed upon in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) are a legitimate democratic way to elect leaders and representatives of the people.

Apart from that, as religious people we must play a role in promoting peaceful elections and avoiding hoaxes that trigger instability and disharmony among the nation’s children. As well as not abstaining from voting in elections, and must proactively participate in channeling their political rights to elect executive and legislative leaders who are believed to be able to deliver a more peaceful and prosperous people and nation.

Meanwhile, to maintain security and social order and create peaceful elections in 2024, the Deputy Head of the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Agency (Wakabareskrim), Inspector General of Police. Asep Edi Suheri said that currently the National Police is collaborating with ulama and ustaz to reduce negative issues related to the 2024 Election. Apart from that, the National Police continues to strive to create a conducive social security and order situation and prevent polarization that might occur during the 2024 General Election.

General elections are a vulnerable period where levels of social tension and potential conflict can increase. Involving ulama and preachers in communication can help minimize the risk of conflict and disruption during the election process. Through this communication process, the Police also have the opportunity to obtain support from the public. Support from religious and community leaders can help the police in reducing potential security disturbances during the elections.

Good communication with ulama and community leaders is part of a democratic approach in carrying out elections. This shows that the police respect diverse views and are willing to communicate with various elements of society. In addition, by establishing good cooperation and effective communication with ulama and community leaders, the police strive to create a safe, peaceful and conducive environment during the elections, as well as ensuring the success of the democratic process without significant disruption.

The role of religious figures is very large in maintaining coolness ahead of the 2024 elections. So that with the role of ulama and preachers, the 2024 elections can run conducively and produce leaders with integrity. Apart from that, to maintain the security and order situation ahead of the election, the role of all elements of society is no less important, because community synergy is really needed to maintain mutual security and harmony in order to run the 2024 election process smoothly.

Peaceful elections are one of the important pillars of the democratic system in Indonesia. Within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), elections are a very sacred and vital process in determining the fate of the nation because they will be closely related to the results of the elections themselves, namely producing leaders in the executive realm and people’s representatives in the legislative realm. Thus, peaceful elections are the dream of all Indonesian citizens to be realized in order to strengthen our ukhuwah wathaniyah again, not to divide unity among society.

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