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The Young Generation Must Actively Campaign for Safe and Peaceful Elections


The young generation or millennials play a very important role in implementing the 2024 elections and creating peaceful and democratic elections. So the younger generation must actively campaign for safe and peaceful elections in order to minimize divisions in society. Currently, the younger generation or millennial voters have reached 66,822,389 or 33.6 percent. Referring to this dominant number of voters, it is important to invite the younger generation to actively participate in the 2024 elections to realize elections with integrity and peace. Apart from that, political education is needed so that young people are not easily trapped by the negative things that often appear in this democratic party.
According to Bawaslu member Herwyn JH Malonda, the youth’s activeness is not enough just to participate in voting, but also to play a role in creating elections that are legitimate and have integrity. Apart from that, the younger generation can play a role in correcting the quality of public services, including election organizing institutions. So that the 2024 elections will be legitimized and accepted by all parties at the same time in order to prevent movements of political dissidence.
The stages of the 2024 Simultaneous General Election have been running for quite a long time. It won’t be long before voting day is held, namely on February 14 2024. As the 2024 General Election approaches, obstacles and threats have the potential to emerge which are feared to disrupt the implementation of the General Election itself. Public awareness and vigilance must be increased because provocations from individuals who want chaos during the elections will reappear. To anticipate this, the role of the younger generation is at the forefront in campaigning to the public about the importance of being alert to provocations and the importance of ensuring that the elections can run safely and peacefully.
On the other hand, Political Expert and Academician at Bengkulu University, Panji Suminar, said that the young generation currently occupies a large portion of Indonesia’s total population. Apart from that, the younger generation is also the largest population on social media because the online world is their era. As the largest population in the online world, this young group has a big influence in determining the direction and currents of the times. In fact, they are also able to create currents that can change policies.
The younger generation is also known as a generation that is technologically aware, pluralistic, easy to interact with all levels, not divided, not narrow-minded, and brave in what they do and speak. With this capital, young people are very suitable to become clean, healthy, honest and fair election agents.
So that efforts to realize clean and peaceful elections are in the right hands. They are also believed to have the courage to speak out if the elections are not held properly or there are despicable actions that erode the integrity of the democratic party. Because, the younger generation is a brave figure and is still relatively sterile from actions that could disrupt the course of the 2024 democratic party.
The involvement of the younger generation in the 2024 elections represents the future, not the past, and has great potential to bring positive change to the Indonesian nation. The younger generation is also not only taking on the role of voters, but also as campaign volunteers, writers and active political activists. They can use social media and information technology to mobilize support and convey positive messages so that the 2024 elections can run safely and peacefully.
The role of the younger generation will continue to grow in the upcoming elections and their influence will become stronger in determining the country’s political future. This is a positive sign that the participation of the younger generation in campaigning for peaceful elections will bring a conducive and sustainable situation in various security aspects of the democratic party.
Chairman of the West Lombok Indonesian National Youth Committee (KNPI), Hendra Hariyanto, said that making the elections successful was part of a shared responsibility, so the younger generation must take part in this responsibility. Then, as a form of youth’s seriousness in creating a safe and smooth democratic party, the younger generation must continue to be active in voicing positive narratives about the elections as a form of support for holding a peaceful democratic party. As well as taking an active role in socializing the stages of the Election so that the 2024 Election can run conducively.

Youth as agents of change should contribute and play their role in aspects of democracy. With this role, it means that young people have participated in building the nation and state. Apart from that, people must also continue to respect each other’s differences in choices and maintain each other’s security and order situation ahead of the 2024 elections. This is a form of maturity in politics which is shown by an attitude of not taking issue with differences in political choices.
In a democracy sometimes you are required to be different. Differences in opinion and political views are a form of democracy so it is hoped that there will be no divisions because absolute peace must be realized. Because, it is impossible for all people to have the same choices. And it is through these differences that the nation’s best leaders will be born. By being different, society has implemented a democratic life.

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