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Together Realizing Peaceful and Anti Hoax Elections


By : Joanna Alexandra Putri )* 

The 2024 elections are planned to be held on 14 February 2024. The public is urged to hold peaceful elections and maintain unity. In addition, all Indonesian citizens are required to avoid hoaxes so as not to be negatively affected by them. Elections must be peaceful without the spread of disturbing hoaxes.

Election is a grand event that is held every 5 years and the people are waiting for it with enthusiasm, because they want to get a new leader candidate. Since the reform era, Indonesian citizens have been freed to choose their own presidential candidate, not the way they used to vote for parties and candidates. Elections are thrilling events because the results can be beyond predictions.

The public is urged to keep the situation conducive and realize peaceful elections. Don’t fight on social media and spread fake news. From the previous 2 elections, people fought on social media because they were too fanatical in supporting certain parties and presidential candidates. This incident should not be repeated in the next election. 

Deputy President KH Amin Ma’ruf stated that the people must unite their resolve so that the 2024 elections will take place smoothly and peacefully, and there will be no hoaxes. The KPU ensures that the elections run safely and peacefully without any disputes and wars on social media because of hoaxes.

Hoaxes are fake news or images that are intentionally spread for certain interests. Meanwhile, provocative content is content on social media that is deliberately created and made viral, so that people get emotional. Usually provocative content is created by a political buzzer team in order to overturn their opponent ( black campaign).

Hoaxes are a threat in cyberspace, because because of the fake news or images, many are affected and eventually get emotional. Likewise with provocative content. Everything is produced by unscrupulous people, with the aim of fighting government programs. The rise of hoaxes and provocative content must make people more vigilant in filtering news on the internet.

Elections and pre-elections must run safely and peacefully. There should be no divisions because of hoaxes circulating on social media. The circulation of hoaxes is very troubling because it can make people attack each other and vilify one another’s political choices.

Hoaxes and provocative content are very annoying because they can poison the minds of their readers. Don’t let people believe in its existence, and filter it before  sharing . When there is a hoax, check whether it is a fact or just a hoax, and the way to check it is also enough to open a site that can explain whether a piece of news is genuine or fake.

Youth activist Steve Mara stated that hoax news in cyberspace can influence people’s mindset and behavior. Moreover, in everyday life people use the internet, so it is quite influential. In a sense, just one short piece of news circulating on a portal or social media can make  people emotional and as a result can damage elections.

Steve added, hoax news could spread abroad and be detrimental because it could be read by the international community. Don’t let the Indonesian people get a bad opinion because they are considered not smart enough to distinguish between hoaxes and genuine news.

Meanwhile, the KPU asked all levels of society, including students, to realize a peaceful 2024 election, without any hoaxes. Don’t let the spread of hoaxes and propaganda in the 2014 and 2019 elections happen again. Elections must be peaceful so that people are united and willing to see whoever the president is.

The KPU ensures that the 2024 elections will take place peacefully. Therefore, it is hoped that all Indonesian citizens will ensure that the elections take place peacefully. Even though they are not yet 17 years old and mean they are not entitled to participate in elections, at least they can maintain conductivity in cyberspace. Do not get mired in hoax news and destroy peace during the campaign period until after the election.

Politician Surya Paloh stated that all elements of society are obliged to guard elections and maintain peace. This event requires everyone’s attention. In addition to maintaining peace, the community must be enthusiastic and participatory in the 2024 election. Don’t be ignorant and abstain from voting (white group), aka not exercising their rights in choosing presidential and legislative candidates.

Surya Paloh continued, the community, religious leaders, and political elites must play a role so that there is no election residue that creates hostility and hatred, thus harming the state. If the political elites make peace and stay in touch with each other, the community will follow them.

In a sense, society can play a major role in creating peaceful elections. Elections are an event to choose leaders and candidates for new legislation. Do not make it a place of war or fierce hostilities because you are too supportive of a particular political party or presidential candidate. 

The community is expected to be united in realizing peaceful elections without violence, both in the real world and on social media. Do not let the campaign and election process become chaotic because of hoaxes. Therefore, do not easily believe in hoaxes and propaganda, and the truth must be checked.

)* The author is a contributor to Jeka Media Institute

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