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Papua Development Prioritizes HR Capacity Building


By : Alfred Jigibalom )* 

Development is not only related to infrastructure matters, but Natural Resources (HR) also need to be developed for the progress of a region. So that human resource development certainly deserves to be included in the development priority scale.

Acting Governor of West Papua Paulus Waterpauw stated that improving the quality of life and capacity (HR) is one of the five priority programs for the local government in 2024 according to the results of the Regional Government Work Plan (RKPD) Development Planning Meeting (Musrenbang).

         On the occasion of closing the Musrenbang RKPD activities of the West Papua Provincial Government in Manokwari, Waterpauw explained four other priority programs, namely improving governance for public services, increasing inclusive and sustainable economic growth, accelerating the reduction of extreme poverty and accelerating the development of basic infrastructure and connectivity.

         Waterpauw said, of course it is a challenge and a joint task to improve performance achievements in various sectors of development in 2024. For this reason, a thematic-holistic, integrative and spatial approach to development planning is needed to support the achievement of development goals more effectively and efficiently.

         The former Chief of Police for Papua and West Papua expects contributions from the stakeholders’ ideas and real commitment to formulate programs properly so that their implementation is more focused and on target.

         He said, by setting development priorities, the government would also make realistic estimates and targets in the West Papua Province RKPD for 2024.

         Some of the challenges faced by the West Papua Provincial Government to date include low access to and quality of fulfillment of basic needs in both the education and health sectors as well as social protection. Then, gender-based development and protection for children and the elderly are not yet optimal.

         The ongoing horizontal conflict and criminality, even though at a low intensity, are also one of the obstacles to development in West Papua. In addition, productive, innovative and sustainable local resource-based economic development has not run optimally.

         Then the high risk of damage to forest and land resources which has the potential to increase greenhouse gas emissions, low availability and quality of basic infrastructure and regional connectivity.

         This is also a serious concern for the West Papua Provincial Government, namely the region’s vulnerability to climate change, pollution, environmental damage and potential disasters, as well as cases of extreme poverty and stunting which are a national priority issue.

         On a different occasion, Former Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia Jusuf Kalla emphasized the development of human resources (HR) related to the welfare of the people of Papua. That way the people of Papua can manage their natural resources well.

         Jusuf Kalla hopes that the younger generation of Papua can study harder so they can know how to manage abundant natural resources. Jusuf Kalla also asked migrants in Papua to feel that they are Papuans because they have lived together in Cenderawasih Earth.

         Currently HR is the key word in facing various challenges in a dynamic world megatrend. The government views the development of Papuan human resources as a step to accelerate Papua’s development. The accelerated development of Papua will implement development that is in line with the context of sustainable development (SDGs) 2030.

         The roadmap for developing superior human resources in supporting the transformation of the Papuan economy will be carried out in formal and vocational education, collaboration and cooperation, education and training facilities, government intervention and apparatus human resources by increasing the competence of the state civil apparatus (ASN).

         One of the programs that supports HR in Papua is the continuation of the Papua Special Autonomy (Otsus) fund.

         The best investment is people, investing in human development is the right step, because it is they who will build their own civilization.

         Young people in Papua must be equipped with skills so that they can have competitiveness in getting decent jobs and income.

         On a different occasion, the Deputy Governor of West Papua Province, M Lakotani at the opening of the Musrenbang in Manokwari, stated that he mentioned five development priorities for 2023 in West Papua province, first: accelerating economic development and community empowerment, second: improving the quality of superior human resources and having contextual character in West Papua , as well as social protection.

         The third priority, development in improving the quality of basic infrastructure and inter-regional connectivity, as well as the quality of regional spatial management, fourth: increasing the management of the environment and natural resources in a fair and sustainable manner.

         Fifth is improving governance and strengthening the governance of Otsus based on regional stability.

         He also targets West Papua’s economic growth rate in 2023 to reach 5.5 percent from 0.51 percent in 2021; HDI in 2023 is targeted at 66.19 points from 65.26 points in 2021.

         Increasing human resource capacity for West Papua is one of the priorities that must be of serious concern and follow-up, this is sought to promote development in West Papua.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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