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By : Rashka Pratama )*

I don’t want to be polemic about what is the meaning of new normal or make peace with Corona in the context of life for workers like me in the informal sector. In my eyes, Corona is not as scary as seeing families starving and stressing how to make ends meet. Everyone knows that the pandemic has ransacked a lot of economic activity. People can no longer interact freely as usual. Meanwhile, to this day the majority of jobs in the informal sector still rely on face-to-face encounters. Business owners who suffer losses. From the loss, their production goods are difficult to sell.

Many workers also lost their livelihoods due to this pandemic. Covid – 19 caused a large number of businesses and businesses to incur losses resulting in a number of workers being forced to be laid off, even fired. This is common because the company’s profits decline so it must make efficiency in order to survive. Other effects, there are a number of workers who are late getting salaries, deducted, and do not get holiday allowances.

The IMF said that the current economic recession, could be worse than the great depression of the world in the 1930s. However, one thing is actually still the same, it’s just that many people have forgotten it. Namely that consumers still exist even though they can’t go anywhere, and producers can still produce even though it’s hard to sell. As a result, for business people who are still active and do not get the WFH (Work From Home) policy, they will continue to run their business in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic so that they will not be messed up.

But what needs to be understood by all parties is the current condition of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is not desired by all parties. Whatever action is taken will have positive and negative effects. Knowing this, the government must act so that the economy continues to run and the health of citizens is maintained. Therefore, let’s support all programs run by the government, especially in the context of eradicating Covid-19 from Indonesia so that all can return to their normal activities.

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