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BIN Command Post Protects the Smiles of Earthquake Survivors


The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is swift in helping Cianjur residents who are in trouble due to the earthquake. Posko facilities can be said to be very adequate and complete, because they not only provide assistance in the form of clothing, food and boards, but also include health facilities. Every day at the Command Post is also filled with trauma healing activities for children.

Head of Cijedil Village, Cugenang, Pudin (47), said there were 303 refugees from Cijedil Village at the BIN Post after the Cianjur earthquake. “While they were here, the residents took part in many activities organized by the BIN Post, starting from recitations, early childhood school education (PAUD), to praying in congregation five times a day,” said Pudin.

Another activity that was carried out was entertainment to keep the smiles of the children who were earthquake survivors. “Because apart from experiencing material losses, Cianjur residents also experienced trauma from the disaster, so residents are looking forward to entertainment events, especially parents who have children,” he added.

Meanwhile, BIN Deputy for Communication and Information, Prabawa Ajie stated that Cijedil Village suffered the most severe damage in Cianjur because it was close to the epicenter of the earthquake. For this reason, BIN is trying its best to serve the people of Cijedil Village by providing services not only for food or logistics issues, but also for trauma healing, health services, and sufficient basic needs.

Not only play activities, because there are many children of school age, basic education is also given to them. There are competitions to recitation, we also facilitate teaching and learning activities. Apart from being carried out every day, BIN also held the same activities at other posts.

Apart from that, the activities were not only focused on the posts, but BIN also distributed them to other posts as well as emergency tents for refugees who had not been touched. “Outward distribution activities are carried out because there are still many isolated villages that have not received assistance,” said the spokesperson for the Head of BIN.

In line with that, parents who accompany their daughters to attend trauma healing feel very helpful. Peni Febrianti (28) said that her child had participated in trauma healing activities since the first day at the BIN Command Post. “My child looks happy every day thanks to this trauma healing, because children in refugee camps tend to get bored with this environment. But thanks to trauma healing, my child is more active, happy and smiles often,” he concluded.

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