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Denpasar , the Cipayung Plus Bali Group consisting of KMHDI, IMM, GMKI, HMI, GMNI and PMII expressed their attitude to the central government so that the results of the G20 discussions can produce public policies that have a positive impact on the people of Indonesia.

“We also encourage the Governor of Bali to make the G20 an aspect of Bali tourism recovery,” stated the points of the press conference after a public discussion themed ‘The urgency of the G20 in Bali’ at the Media Center of the Bali Tourism Office, Monday (7/11/2022).

The next point of attitude, they said, was to invite the Balinese people not to be influenced by the efforts of groups who want to degrade the G20 Summit.

“We also invite all Balinese people not to be provoked and jointly oversee the success of the G20 Summit in Bali, as the face of Indonesia in the eyes of the international community,” he said.

In the discussion session, Arya Gangga as Chair of the PD KMHDI Bali Cadreization Bureau was also present, Efatha FB Duarta as Udayana University Academy – Founder of the Malleum Lustitiae Institute, I Ketut Yadnya Winarta as Head of Promotion Section of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office and IGAN Rai Suryawijaya as Chair of the Association of Hotels and Indonesian Restaurant – Badung.

I Ketut Yadnya Winarta ensured that the G20 celebration in Bali which brought delegates from foreign countries could affect the domestic economy. In addition, he continued, other outcomes are expected to show that Bali is a safe and comfortable area.

“The impact of tourism will give the image of Bali around the world,” said I Ketut.

He said the world saw that in Indonesia the safest place was Bali, so the world’s trust fell to Bali.

“G20 activities can be a free promotion for tourism in Bali,” he said.

In the same place, Efatha FB Duarta stated that the world has been waiting for the G20 event, because the momentum is not only economic but also a peace mission.

“Indonesia is the most active country on peace missions,” he continued.

The same thing was also conveyed by IGAN Rai Suryawijaya who explained the position of appointing Bali as the host of the G20 because Bali is already famous in the world and is a favorite place that people want to visit the most.

“Bali is considered to be a very peaceful island,” he said.

He emphasized that he did not see any negative things in the implementation of the G20, instead he received advantages or positive sides such as international and domestic arrivals.

“Let’s support it because the impact on Bali is extraordinary. Therefore, we hope that our students will give a good image of Bali,” he concluded

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