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FKPEN Bali Invites All Ethnic Archipelagos to Guard and Succeed the G20 Summit


DENPASAR – The series of activities of the Group of Twenty (G20) Presidency held by Indonesia this year were mostly carried out in Bali. According to the chairman of the Bali Ethnic Archipelago Association (FKPEN) Communication Forum, Anak Agung Bagus Ngurah Agung, it is obligatory to maintain security for all ethnic Nusantara residents in Bali. 

Ngurah Agung said that the issue of Bali’s security was continuously discussed in various FKPEN meetings. “Of course we will discuss this together, because security is the most important factor for us in Bali,” said the man from Puri Gede Karangasem. “So we know this, everyone lives from tourism. Members of the various ethnic groups of the archipelago, have become Balinese citizens and are looking for a living in Bali, have children and grandchildren in Bali, so it is mandatory for all of them to maintain security, that is the most important factor.”

Ngurah Agung said, if security is not guaranteed, the economy will automatically be in a sluggish state. “Moreover, this November, the country’s leaders will attend.”

So long before the FKPEN management held several meetings, especially with the Bali Police, the Intelkam section. All associations were invited and given the G20 socialization, “How is this to protect Bali, so that the situation is conducive. After that, we, the heads of the community, will socialize to its citizens and also control it. How can we, the association’s administrators, control, there will be a big event, which will bring the name of Bali to foreign countries. Because the goal is for security, and running well and of course this brings the name of Bali to the fore, it must be even better. And of course the role of these ethnic immigrants is very much expected and we must take care of and control each other.”

Currently Ngurah Agung admits that he is calm, because he has held socialization, “And the readiness of friends to continuously socialize the importance of the G20 and maintain conducive conditions, and all are willing to control their citizens.”

FKPEN’s members consist of about 50 associations. Especially from Java, from East Java alone there are 24 ethnic associations. Meetings are usually at least once every 3 months, if there is nothing that needs to be resolved or socialized quickly, “But sometimes not all associations can attend. So we are relaxed, sometimes 10 or 20 communities are present. The important thing is that FKPEN is a kind of gathering forum, so we have a casual event. So FKPEN oversees the associations in Bali, but they are not binding, because the associations already have their own regulations.”

Ngurah Agung mentioned that there were IKMS, Minang Saiyo from West Sumatra, Flobamora NTT, Ikemal Maluku, FKPJ, East Java community forums, there was IkaB with Batak family ties, there was Pasundan and Bamus, both were West Java, from Ngeksigondo Yogyakarta, some were from Banyumas too, including the INTI and PSMTI Chinese. 

Activities that are often carried out by FKPEN are cultural activities, and social activities. Each community has its own agenda, for example, when there was a disaster on Mount Semeru, the East Java community moved to seek help for victims of the volcanic eruption, and other ethnic groups also helped. 

The INTI Community has carried out many social activities, such as mass vaccines, for basic needs during the pandemic, so we also share there. “Cultural events, such as a request from the government such as a keris exhibition, are usually held every year, now this is supported by FKPEN members because each of them also has an art studio, dances, which they display there, including items with special characteristics. the uniqueness of each region, besides that, it is also added to the culinary presentation of each region. (*)

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