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On-Site During Pandemic Must Have Strict Process


By: Deka Prawira

The opening of face-to-face schools must be carried out with strict procedures. This effort was carried out so that there were no new Corona clusters in schools.

It doesn’t feel like it’s been almost 2 years since children have studied online and many mothers have complained of being dizzy and tired because they have played multiple roles, becoming housewives as well as teachers for their children. However, they are also aware that schools have been closed (temporarily) since the beginning of the pandemic so that children are free from Corona. So choose to be more patient.

The screams of the parents’ hearts were finally heard by the government, when schools will reopen in September 2021. However, the condition is that only in areas affected by PPKM levels 1-3 so the term is limited to face-to-face schools. The reopening of schools was carried out because the number of Corona patients was ‘only’ 4,000 per day and was considered quite under control.

Sri Wahyuningsih, Director of SD Kemendikbudristek stated that if limited face-to-face schools were not implemented immediately, the impact of learning loss would be even greater on children. Learning loss is a condition in which the learning process is not effective because it is only via online so that students do not understand the teacher’s intentions, because there is no direct interaction.

In a sense, online schools have a long and unpleasant tail, because learning is less effective and cannot socialize with friends. There is even the worst impact, when there are students who decide to drop out because they are not motivated or can’t afford to buy their gadgets and credit, then decide to get married early.

Sri added that the Ministry of Education and Culture has collected data on 50,000 schools in Indonesia and the BOS funds will be lowered again for school sanitation, so that they are completely sterile. The school is ready to welcome students and minimize germs and dirty air which is a place for Corona transmission.

However, Kemendikbudristek requires several things before schools are widely opened to students. First, teachers must be vaccinated first and they do get priority in the national vaccination program, so at the beginning of the year they have been injected by the health worker. If possible, everyone at school should also be vaccinated, such as administrative staff, librarian, and security guards.

The second requirement is a strict health protocol, because to avoid the formation of a new Corona cluster. Students and teachers wear double masks and, if possible, cover them with face shields. The teacher also supervises so that students don’t take off their masks and even exchange masks because the motive is interesting (usually happens in elementary or kindergarten).

Another health protocol that must be followed is to maintain a distance, so that the class is divided into 2 sessions. So the students only enter once every 2 days, because they take turns with other friends. This is very reasonable because the average student at SDN can reach 30-40 people per class.

When there are vaccinations for teachers, school sterilization, and the implementation of strict health protocols, it has minimized the occurrence of new Corona clusters. We don’t need to be afraid that there will be transmission of the Covid-19 virus because not only teachers understand how to prevent it, but students also understand. So that everything is orderly and obeys the prokes without being forced.

Face-to-face schooling is mandatory to prevent learning loss and students can be excited to learn again, because they can meet their friends. However, they must adhere to strict health protocols and must not open masks carelessly.

(The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students)

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