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The G20’s Role in Resolving the World’s Multidimensional Crisis


By : Salsa Aulia *)

The role of the G20 Summit (Summit) forum in an effort to resolve the multidimensional crisis that is currently happening in the world is very large, because Indonesia as the Presidency will continue to encourage all countries to unite their strengths and rise together.

Lately, it seems as if the overall crisis in the world seems to keep taking turns, starting from the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, suddenly spreading to the food crisis, including the energy crisis that occurred due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to financial crisis due to the normalization of monetary policy from developed countries.

All these crises occur and intersect with each other or occur simultaneously so that indeed many observers state that the world is currently experiencing a ‘polycrisis’. Therefore, it is very important for countries to be able to unite and rise together by leaving all kinds of different interests behind to join forces to save the world.

The role of the G20 Summit, especially Indonesia as its presidency, is very important and decisive in this regard. How not, because the forum is filled with countries that control about 80 percent of the world’s economy, so of course all discussions and policies that arise from it will have a huge impact.

For information, the G20 itself consists of South Africa, the United States, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Britain, Italy, Japan, Germany, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, Russia, France, China, Turkey and the United States. Europe.

Regarding this, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo said that he really wanted the G20 to be relevant for the whole world in difficult times like today, not even just for the members of the G20. So as the G20 presidency, Indonesia has the opportunity to ensure that the interests of the Indonesian people are heard by the whole world.

In addition, as the host, Indonesia itself can also propose issues and lead a dialogue in accordance with the goals of this nation. There are at least three issues that Indonesia has brought up in the G20 Presidency, namely the global health architecture, the transformation of the digital economy to the energy transition.

The raising of these three issues is because President Jokowi himself really wants to be able to contribute much more through the G20 to the recovery of the world economy and has ambitions to be able to build a world governance that is healthier, fairer and more sustainable in accordance with independence, lasting peace and social justice. .

Therefore, the big theme carried by the G20 Indonesia Presidency is recover stronger, recover together. On one occasion at the United Nations (UN) forum, President Jokowi has also emphasized that inclusivity is the main priority of Indonesia’s leadership in the G20.

This inclusiveness is also a firm commitment from Indonesia itself to be able to prove no one left behind or that all countries should not be left behind so that all of them can advance together, especially in overcoming the COVID-19 education and global economic recovery.

Furthermore, President Jokowi also said that Indonesia will continue to strive so that the G20 can work for the benefit of all countries, including for developed and developing countries, North and South countries, large and small countries, archipelagic and small island countries such as in the Pacific and vulnerable groups who are indeed vulnerable. should be prioritized.

For this reason, by carrying out the spirit of rising together, Indonesia also invited small island countries, namely the Caribbean Community and the Pacific Islands Forum at the G20. In addition, Indonesia also expressed its serious commitment to inviting the African Union to the G20, even though the participation of small island countries and the African Union was the first time in the history of the G20.

Efforts to continue to involve archipelagic countries and friendly countries on the African continent are not without reason. The reason is that the military conflict that occurred in Russia and Ukraine has increased food prices, such as for grain, fertilizer and energy commodities, causing an economic chain effect that further exacerbates the crisis and affects many countries in the world, including Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia.

On the other hand, many countries from Ghana to Zambia have actually asked the IMF for help to repair their debts, as reported by data from Bloomberg. So, it is undeniable that the voice of every country that is feeling the impact of the current global uncertainty is very important to be heard at the G20 Forum.

Still related to efforts to control and handle the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesia itself has also not stopped voicing the availability of COVID-19 vaccines for all countries without any inequality. These various things continue to be carried out because Indonesia is indeed the G20 Presidency so that it becomes the spearhead of solutions to global problems.

Indeed, the role of the G20 Summit, especially Indonesia as the Presidency in it is very important and many parties entrust their problems to be addressed immediately, especially in the era of world polycrisis like today so that all countries must join and increase inclusiveness together.

* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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