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Christmas 2022, MUI Invites Communities to Maintain Collaboration and Harmonization


Jakarta —Christmas and New Year (Nataru) are indeed very important things for all elements of society to be able to continue to increase collaboration and harmonization.

As is known, currently Christians celebrate Christmas and some others will welcome the New Year 2023.

Regarding this matter, Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), Dr. KH. Marsudi Syuhud stated that it is very important to have collaboration, namely efforts to mutually respect each other even without any religious differences.

“Collaboration in question is how we respect each other together and do something that we need each other. So we have to do something that has no religious barriers,” he said in a discussion on a private television station, Saturday (24/12).

According to him, if the whole community has agreed to be able to build the country together, then everything will be comfortable and able to become one nation.

Of course, it is hoped that the entire Nataru series can run safely, comfortably without any interference from any party.

For this reason, a peaceful, safe and controlled situation must really be created jointly by all elements of society.

The reason is, indeed every citizen has the right as well as the obligation to continue to always maintain and create the security of their respective territories.

“Whoever has agreed to build the country together and unite so that we are comfortable together, then all will become one people, one nation,” added Kyai Marsudi.

In order to continue to be able to maintain national unity, the Deputy Chairman of the MUI added that the community must be able to continue to follow the existing rules.

The reason is, added Kyai Marsudi, if you have followed all the existing rules, then society will be much more harmonious and orderly and safe.

“This nation is a single nation, which is bound by togetherness, we are united by a national agreement. So from here we just have to follow the existing rules, harmony is order and follow the rules. If everyone follows the rules, then this nation will be safe,” he said.

Furthermore, according to him, the trick to be able to continue to maintain the harmonization of the elements of society is that there must be room for dialogue and discussion.

Because with a very wide open space, it’s the same as making Indonesia a shared home.

“Number two, how we can be harmonious is that we have to be able to provide space for dialogue and discussion. This is very beneficial for fellow Muslims, even for Muslims for non-Muslims, make Indonesia a big home,” concluded Kyai Marsudi.

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