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Human resource development in Papua continues to be improved


By: Rivka Mayangsari*)

One of the key aspects in Papua’s development is the development of Human Resources (HR). Papuan human resource development is not only important to improve the quality of life of the Papuan people, but also to strengthen Papua’s contribution to the progress of the nation as a whole.

Human resource development requires the right strategy to support accelerated development in the region. West Papua Province Coordinator of the Ministry of National Development Planning (PPN)/Bappenas Zulfakar explained that in the context of accelerating Papua’s development, especially in the education sector, the treatment cannot be equated with Java or Sumatra, but requires the right strategy for an accelerated approach to improving the quality of human resources.

Previously, Assistant Ill for the West Papua Provincial Government, Otto Parorrongan, emphasized that UUD No. 2 of 2021 was the space given by the state to regions to regulate their households according to their authority. This space is an opportunity for regions to develop with their own characteristics. 

Otto believes that Special Autonomy has provided wide space for development. However, according to him, this is also a challenge, so he must prepare human resources and bright ideas to go in that direction.

Papua’s human resource development is faced with various complex challenges. One of them is access to education which is still limited in several remote areas. Geographical factors, uneven infrastructure, as well as social problems such as conflict and tension between ethnic groups, are obstacles in providing equal access to education for all Papuan people.

Even though there are many challenges, efforts to develop Papuan human resources continue to be made. One of the strategies currently being implemented is the mobile library which is considered to have helped encourage interest in reading among the younger generation in educational units in the Papua region. Head of the Mimika Regency Regional Library and Archives Service, Dantje Nere, said that his party also has a role in preparing Human Resources (HR) from this area, through introducing the importance of good literacy.

The excellent program, namely the Mobile Library, aims to bring books as a source of knowledge closer to the community, especially school-aged children. From this mobile library, it can be seen that school age children’s interest in reading is very significant, in the first quarter of 2024. Reading can open up horizons of thinking and grow new knowledge, human resources are prepared through reading activities, for this reason, let’s continue to cultivate a love of reading among the community.

Apart from that, the Jayapura Regency Government is also collaborating with Satya Wacana Christian University (UKSW) to improve the quality of human resources in the education sector. The Regent of Jayapura Regency, Mathius Awoitauw, said that this collaboration was part of the P5 program or the Empowerment Program for Papuan Boys and Girls from Jayapura Regency. The collaboration with UKSW is a good thing and needs to be continued and improved.

The Empowerment Program for Papuan Boys and Girls from Jayapura Regency is one of the policies created by the Jayapura Regency Government to improve the quality of its human resources. This program can enable Papuan sons and daughters to study at a higher level, even to educational institutions abroad.

Encouraging the participation and leadership of Papuan youth is also very important in developing Papuan human resources. The government needs to provide space and opportunities for Papuan youth to contribute to the development of their own region.

The Papuan people themselves must have the enthusiasm to learn and improve themselves. The government must continue to improve access to education and health, as well as provide appropriate programs to improve the skills and competencies of the Papuan people. Civil society and the private sector must also continue to contribute in the form of programs that benefit the Papuan people.

Papuan human resource development is one of the key aspects in accelerating the progress of Papua and Indonesia as a whole. Through coordinated efforts between the government, non-governmental organizations and development partners, it is hoped that Papua’s human resource development can run more effectively and sustainably. In fact, building Papuan human resources requires collaboration and synergy from all parties, including the government, civil society, private sector and academics. By working together, we can achieve the common goal of building quality and competitive Papuan human resources.

Increasing access to education and health, community empowerment, and encouraging participation and leadership of Papuan youth, are several important strategies in developing Papuan human resources. By strengthening Papuan human resources, not only will the welfare of the Papuan people increase, but also Papua’s contribution to the progress of the nation as a whole can be more optimal.

The most important thing is that the acceleration of development in the education sector in Papua must be approached using the right strategy. the active role of community leaders, traditional leaders and religious leaders as well as all other components to jointly pay attention to the process of accelerating development in Papua. With appropriate and targeted programs, Papuan human resources can be encouraged to reach their best potential. This will bring benefits to the entire Papuan people, and ultimately, to the entire Indonesian nation.

Let us work together to build Papuan human resources to create a brighter future for this region.

*) Socio-Cultural Observer 

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