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Keep Obeying Prokes Accelerate Transition to the Covid-19 Endemic


By: Oka Rizki )*

The public is asked to continue to comply with the health protocols (Prokes), because currently the Covid-19 pandemic is still going on. If everything is in order, the transition from the pandemic to the endemic period will be faster and smoother.

The COVID-19 pandemic has occurred since March 2020, and towards the end of 2022 it is still continuing. People are tired because during the pandemic, they are not only threatened with physical illness, but also mental illness. The reason is because they are afraid of being infected and finally adhere to Prokes strictly.

Proces such as wearing masks and washing hands must be adhered to because they are a way to avoid transmission of Corona, also coupled with vaccinations. Also adhere to other points in the Prokes such as using hand sanitizer, maintaining distance, reducing mobility, and having a healthy and clean lifestyle. Every Indonesian citizen has memorized the points in the Prokes and should not only memorize them but also put them into practice.

Why should people obey Prokes? The reason is because it is still a pandemic period, and the number of Corona patients as of September 23, 2022 is more than 1,900 people per day. This figure is certainly worrying because nearly 2,000 people have been infected with Corona. It could be that they have not been vaccinated and do not comply with Prokes.

Even though the government is getting ready to enter an endemic period because the number of Corona patients had dropped to hundreds. However, it jumped again due to the arrival of the Covid-19 virus, the Omicron variant and the Centaurus subvariant, which was malignant and spread more quickly. If the pandemic turns into an endemic, the situation is relatively safe because the disease is still there but only in certain areas and minimal transmission.

Epidemiologist from Gadjah Mada University, Riris Andono Ahmad stated that the potential for an increase in Corona transmission would still exist even though the pandemic status was lifted globally. It is not the threat that is the priority, but the disease that is still circulating. From time to time there will be cycles like yesterday, there will be an increase in cases and so on.

Riris continued, for example, in Europe and America, the cases had decreased. But once there was Omicron, there was another spike in cases. In a sense, this is a warning that the cycle may repeat itself, even if the pandemic changes its status to endemic. So people have to be more aware of the spread of Corona.

Therefore, the public continues to be encouraged to obey the Prokes because it is a protector from the ferocity of Corona. Never take off the mask or just rely on a face shield, because it will be less effective. In addition, keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and avoid crowds, to be safe from the potential transmission of the covid-19 virus.

When going out, even if it is a short distance, such as shopping at a neighbor’s shop or going to the mall, make sure to wear a mask when traveling. Don’t let go of your destination until you reach your destination, because you have to stay alert to the people you meet. Who knows, some of them have OTG status (people without symptoms) or have not been vaccinated 3 times.

This kind of vigilance is not paranoid. But it’s a way to guard and protect yourself from the spread of Corona. Avoid crowds and if you have to go to the market, come when it’s just opened, so it’s quiet and there are no crowds of people there.

Meanwhile, Plt. The Mayor of Cimahi, Ngatiyana, stated that the community must comply with government regulations related to Health Prosecution. He is grateful that the residents in his place are still disciplined in obeying the Prokes. In almost 3 years they are used to wearing masks.

That is, the government makes Prokes rules for the safety of the community. If many are wearing masks, it is very good because they are aware of and protect themselves from the ferocity of Corona. In addition, his family will be safe because he does not carry droplets containing the Covid-19 virus.

The more residents who are disciplined in Prokes, the better because it will accelerate the phase from pandemic to endemic. If the endemic phase begins, the situation will be more conducive because the level of Corona’s ferocity is reduced. But as a precaution, people should still wear masks and obey other points in the Prokes.

After all, with Prokes discipline, you can avoid Corona. In addition, Prokes can also prevent someone from other diseases. For example, mysterious hepatitis, monkey pox, and so on. The body will be healthier and less susceptible to infections, such as flu and cough in the transition season.

The public is advised to adhere to Prokes, such as wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, and maintaining cleanliness. Don’t forget to maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle and eat nutritious food. When everyone obeys Prokes, the pandemic phase will soon end and turn into endemic, where things are safer, but you must remain vigilant and don’t neglect the Prokes.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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