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Religious Harmony Able to Dispel Identity Politics


By : David Kiva Prambudi )*

Harmony and harmony between religious communities must be maintained by all elements of the Indonesian nation. This is very capable of dispelling the potential practice of identity politics which threatens and divides the unity and integrity of this nation. What’s more, in fact the diversity that is owned by the country is a blessing from God Almighty so that it should not be easily pitted against each other by a handful of groups just for the sake of achieving their political interests.
Identity politics is a way of doing politics based on the existence of identity similarities that exist between an individual or a group with a certain class. Identity or identity can be in various forms and types such as similarities in gender identity, religion, ethnicity, profession and so on.
In addition, with the existence of identity politics, if it cannot be managed properly and wisely, it will actually lead to the destruction of the stability of a country. This is because there is conflict between identity groups and is a challenge in itself for achieving an established democratization system in Indonesia.
The reason is, it cannot be denied that in a democracy, there is a tendency for a certain person or a certain group to continue to justify all kinds of ways to be able to win in political contestation. Indeed, in fact democracy itself has provided many regulatory signs to continue to maintain social order and national interests, but the tendency to use any means to be able to seize power is truly a worrying thing.
The use of identity politics in a political contestation, including what is commonly used in Indonesia regarding religious identity, makes religion nothing more than a political tool to gain power which is temporary in nature. However, the impact arising from this practice is very disturbing because society can be divided and hate each other to the point of being hostile to each other.
So, in facing the upcoming political year in 2024, the Research and Development Center for Religious Guidance and Religious Services of the Research and Development and Training Agency of the Ministry of Religion is working with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) to hold a Colloquium of Archipelagic Religions (KARA). This activity is to prevent the practice of identity politics and the commodification of religion in the 2024 election.
Plt. Head of Research and Development and Training Agency, Prof. Abu Rokhmad said that religious organizations in Indonesia are actually partners of the Ministry of Religion, which really needs support for improvements in the management of religious life in Indonesia which is very dynamic with various kinds of problems including the issue of identity politics.
Furthermore, Abu Rokhmad also explained that identity politics is widely used during campaigns, which in the process is often used as a medium to be able to capture votes and gain various kinds of political benefits. He also advised that religious mass organizations in the country could continue to anticipate the impact when religion is used as a political tool.
In the near future, this nation will soon be holding a democratic party, namely the 2024 General Election. In this regard, Secretary of the MUI, Dr. Amirsyah Tambunan stated that the actual condition of the practice of identity politics really depends on how the political reality is in society.
Therefore, he advised that the entire implementation of the 2023 Election can be more accommodated in accordance with statutory regulations so that it can take place directly, publicly, freely, confidentially, honestly and fairly (Luber Jurdil). For him, of course in every political contest, every party that participates in it must also be prepared to lose or win. Because if there are several parties who are still mentally unprepared to experience defeat, it will actually cause fear for the community, for the contestants themselves and even for this nation.
Dr. Amirsyah Tambunan added that if there is a small ripple in society, then it is indeed the duty of religious organizations to be at the forefront of maintaining inter-religious harmony, as well as being social capital and human capital, which will bring out its own uniqueness in the Indonesian nation when compared with other countries.
The existence of harmony between religious communities really needs to be maintained with joint efforts. This is because the existence of extraordinary pluralism in Indonesia is actually a gift that God has given to all of nature, so it is necessary to protect it together.

Even though it is absolutely undeniable that the facts show that the practice of identity politics continues to occur and it can even be said that it will continue to have the potential to be used by candidates in election contestation, in fact this can very well be dispelled if all elements of the nation are able to continue to maintain harmony and harmony between religious people.

)* The author is a contributor to Yudistira Institute

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