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PT.GNI Investment Receives Great Support from North Morowali Community


North Morowali – Kolonodale Urban Village Head, M. Yamin Bagenda said that the people of Kolonodale very much accept and support PT.GNI’s investment in their area. This support is due to the company PT. GNI has a positive impact and greatly influences the community’s economy, such as revitalizing markets and SMEs and other businesses.

This was revealed by the Kolonodale Village Head, M. Yamin Bagenda when met by journalists at his office in Kolonodale Village, North Morowali, Sunday (22/1/2023).

“We are very sorry that the incident occurred on January 14 2023, where an incident like this should not have happened and should never happen again because this incident greatly affected the economy of the people in the Kolonodale sub-district,” said the Kolonodale Urban Village Head.

“With the current conditions that are conducive and safe, it needs to be maintained together and hopefully things like that won’t happen in the future, where everything can be communicated properly, so it can run smoothly,” said M. Yamin Bagenda.

Separately, support was also conveyed by Bahontula Village Head Budi Tangko. According to him, the presence of PT.GNI’s investment in North Morowali Regency has a big influence on the economy of the people in Bahontula.

The economy of the people in the Bahontula region can live and run well thanks to the presence of PT. GNI in North Morowali, said the Bahontula Lurah.

On another occasion, North Morowali Regent Delis Julkasson Hehi said all parties must maintain the conduciveness of the North Morowali area which is currently conducive and peaceful. People don’t know Morowali Utara if PT. GNI is not present here, and it must be realized that the presence of this company has made a big contribution to this area. Apart from that, it also has a positive impact on kiosk traders, fish sellers, fishermen in Tumori Bay, and vegetable sellers around this area.

The Regent of North Morowali added that about a thousand people’s fate is at stake here, the small businesses that are present here depend on this company, therefore we must be able to open our horizons of thought to be able to maintain good conditions together for the common good.

Meanwhile, in the series of Chinese New Year celebrations in 2023, nickel industry company PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) disbursed food aid to an orphanage located in Kolonodale City, Petasia District, North Morowali Regency.

This assistance was handed over directly by the nickel industry officials, namely PT GNI Jiang Chao’s Public Relations HOD accompanied by PT Stardust Estate Investment (SEI) Site Coordinator Mirza at the Alesintowe Orphanage and to the Child Social Welfare Institution (LKSA) Raudhatul Fitrah.

Jiang Chao said at least 320 egg racks, 160 sacks of rice, 160 cartons of milk, 160 bottles of coconut oil, 160 cartons of snacks and 160 packages of raw crackers were distributed to the two orphanages. Each LKSA Raudhatul Fitrah 100 packages and the Alesintowe orphanage 60 packages.

“Through this assistance, we hope it will benefit all the children who are in this orphanage,” said Jiang Chao in front of the management of the Alesintowe orphanage.

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