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Rempang Project Increases Investment and Creates Jobs


By: Andika Pratama 

The Rempang Project, which is included in the National Strategic Project, has many benefits. Apart from increasing investment in Indonesia, it also has implications for the welfare of the surrounding community. The existence of this project is a form of the Government’s commitment to bringing benefits to the community, one of which is in the field of increasing investment and creating jobs. 

With an investment value estimated at Rp. 381 Trillion, Rempang Eco-City is believed to be able to provide escalation to improve the quality of life and welfare of Rempang-Galang residents. Even during the development period, it is estimated that the community’s economy can be helped by micro, small and medium economic activities.

The development carried out will of course continue to prioritize local wisdom. So that not only will the region progress, but the community will also invest in areas that have the potential to cause economic stagnation in the region.

The Ministry of Investment and the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) noted that the value of foreign investment in the BP Batam area increased by 48.5 percent or IDR 11.2 trillion with a total of 1,738 projects throughout 2022. Apart from that, BKPM also noted a significant increase in trade volume. where trade activities (mainly exports) in the BP Batam area experienced a surplus of up to 79 percent.

Responding to this, Member of Commission VI DPR RI, Darmadi Durianto, said that the achievements made by BP Batam reflected that the investment climate in the country was still quite exciting. According to him, as a working partner of BP Batam, of course he appreciates their achievements. Increasing investment value and trade experiencing a surplus amidst the storm of global economic uncertainty after the Covid-19 pandemic is not an easy matter.

The Megawati Institute treasurer also welcomed BP Batam’s steps to carry out integrated regional development in order to increase future export volumes by building a number of road infrastructure, both arterial and flyovers, as well as revitalizing airports and ports. This is a concrete action to boost the national economy. Because adequate and integrated infrastructure will be the key to economic success.

Apart from that, Darmadi said, there will be many positive effects when trade and investment activities increase in the BP Batam area in the future. This will have a positive impact on the surrounding community in the future. With infrastructure development, of course it can absorb labor, for example, the economic activities of the surrounding community will also be boosted.

According to him, Batam, as the gateway to the Western Indonesia region which is on the strategic route of global trade (the Malacca Strait), needs to beautify itself in order to attract foreign capital into Indonesia. So that his party fully supports the efforts made by BP Batam which is developing the area through the construction of a number of road infrastructure, revitalizing airports and ports.

By increasing investment as a result of the Rempang Project, it will also expand job opportunities for the surrounding community. Head of BP Batam, Muhammad Rudi, said that the workforce that will be employed in the Rempang Project will be prioritized for the entire young generation on Rempang Island. This investment will require a workforce of 30 thousand people from various levels. So that the Regional Government continues to strive to prepare human resources on Rempang Island,

Support continues to flow for the Rempang project. One of them is an academic from the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), Bogor Agricultural Institute ( IPB ),  Adi Adiyanto  , who said he supports investment entering Indonesia, including on Rempang Island, because this is very good for national economic growth, especially community welfare. 

This IPB Faculty of Economics and Management lecturer   said that the investment value mentioned by  Minister Bahlil Lahadalia  of IDR 174 trillion was not the main point, but how the government really made this investment for the welfare of the community, especially the people of Rempang Island and its surroundings in absorbing labor. Through investment with a large enough value, it is able to support the people’s economy through employment opportunities, where the government prioritizes workers from the Rempang Island community and its surroundings.

Apart from that, the development of the Rempang Eco-City Area will also improve long-term ecological and social health. Moreover, this will be supported by tourism areas that will be developed more optimally, so that this area will not be left behind. This means that the region will continue to progress but will not abandon existing local wisdom.

On the other hand, the government program will also create legality for residents’ residences in the Rempang and Galang areas. The arrangement of local residential areas will also be integrated with good facilities and infrastructure. The government offers many benefits for the Rempang Eco-City Investment plan, this of course needs to be a concern for the people living in Rempang and its surroundings.

Author: One of the Uhamka Faculty of Economics students

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