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North Morowali Traditional Leaders Urge Residents to Maintain Conditional Situation and Support Investment


North Morowali — Traditional Leader of Wulanderi Bunta, North Morowali Regency, Drs. J. Pode Tobogu supports the existence of PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) in North Morowali (Morut).

Not only that, he considered that the existence of the company could have a multiplier effect that could improve the economy of the people in the Morut area.

“The Bunta indigenous people support the presence of PT. GNI for making a big contribution to the district. North Morowali and increase non-tax, user and CSR state revenues,” he said

Furthermore, the Head of Indigenous Wulanderi Bunta hopes that PT GNI can follow the regulations and standards that apply to companies, including work safety. In addition, he also wants the company to provide other supporting equipment for its employees.

Regarding the riot incident some time ago, Pode Tobogu hopes that the perpetrators of the riot will immediately receive appropriate punishment and similar incidents will not be repeated.

“It is hoped that collaboration from all parties can bring better benefits and prevent incidents of rioting from happening again.” Said the Wulanderi Traditional Leader

Then he also thanked the TNI, Polri, BIN and BAIS who had helped maintain a conducive situation in North Morowali.

In the same vein, the Chairperson of the Morut Early Community Alertness Forum (FKDM) and the Chairperson of the Inter-Church Deliberation Board, Waris Kandori, S.H hopes that all parties can learn lessons and conduct evaluations to prevent the recurrence of rioting incidents at PT GNI.

According to him, the people of North Morowali responded positively to the existence of investment because it can provide an increase in the economy

“The people of Morut are very happy with the industrial investment, so it has an impact on economic changes and also the recognition of the Morowali area, especially Morut,” he said.

In the future, added Waris, FKDM plans to carry out various activities. According to him, this is aimed at recovering conditions after the riot incident at PT GNI some time ago.

“FKDM plans to hold activities for post-incident recovery such as religious and social activities so that harmony in North Morowali can be maintained properly through activities that make TKA and TKI more harmonious,” he concluded

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