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People Have Hope in Job Creation Rules


Jakarta – Executive Director Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting (SMRC), Sirojudin Abbas said, based on the results of the survey there was a positive trend in public perception of household fulfillment conditions, the future economy, the national political situation, and security, even almost the same as before the crisis.

“For now, Indonesia is considered to be in good condition by the public, there is no worry,” said Sirojudin in the Moya national webinar series. Institute together with the Narada Center and ITB-Ahmad Dahlan with the theme Perppu for Job Creation and Anticipation of a Global Recession, Friday (27/1/2023).

Surprisingly, continued Sirojudin, even though his impression of Jokowi’s decision was polemic, it was in contrast to the survey results that more than 50 percent of the public had hopes and supported Government Regulations in Lieu of Laws ( Perppu ) on Job Creation ( Ciptaker ).

Sirojudin stated, in fact there were 22 percent of the public who knew Jokowi had issued the Perppu Ciptaker and of that amount, 48 percent supported the President’s decision.

constitutional law expert from UNS, Agus Riewanto explained, Perppu The Ciptaker law, which was originally asked by the Constitutional Court to be revised, is a form of the omnibus law adopted by many civil adhering countries law .

“The Omnibus law ( Ciptaker ) is an important context for economic crises. This law targets the ease of doing business and attracting investment,” he said Riewanto .

According to Riewanto , Perppu The creator can be categorized as a temporary tool for President Jokowi to act on the country’s economic situation.

“ Perppu Ciptaker is a regulation to fortify the President constitutionally that what he is doing in government work is correct, especially urgent economic issues,” said Riewanto .

ITB Chancellor Ahmad Dahlan Mukhaer Pakkanna revealed, from World Bank data it turns out that the Indonesian nation is still considered to have economic immunity, even though it is weakened.

Mukhaer assessed that in this way Indonesia actually did not fall into the criteria of a recession, but rather an economic depression because it was only at its annual lowest point.

Moreover, this is supported, Mukhaer added, that the survey results show that the index of consumer confidence in economic activity is trending optimistic and is actually increasing, so it is still good.

Moya Executive Director Institute Hery Sucipto, in the closing session of the webinar , said that the problem of creators needs serious attention because it involves public needs and interests that affect the economic sector.

“There is a common interest for the Indonesian nation as a result of the pandemic which has brought down the economic sector and will have an impact on the future, for example the global recession,” said Hery.

Previously, at the end of last year President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) announced the issuance of Perppu Number 2 of 2022 concerning Job Creation ( Ciptaker ).

Jokowi comes from Perppu Ciptaker is really needed by Indonesia at this time to face the world economic situation that will be hit by a crisis. The issuance of Perppu This Ciptaker quite surprised the public because in 2020 the Constitutional Court had decided that the Ciptaker Law was conditionally unconstitutional so that it needed to be corrected immediately within the next two years.

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