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Responding to North Morowali Clashes, North Morowali SPN DPC: Maintain Conduciveness and Mutual Respect


Central Sulawesi – Conditions after the clash at PT. Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) is conducive and under control. The community is urged to remain calm and support the conduciveness of the North Morowali area. This was conveyed by the Regent of North Morowali, Delis Julkasson Hehi.

“We have to maintain the conduciveness of the North Morowali area. People don’t know North Morowali if the GNI isn’t here,” Delis said in a written statement.

Delis also asked the public not to be provoked by irresponsible elements. This was conveyed because PT. GNI has a big role and contribution to Bunta Village.

“We must be able to open our horizons of thought to be able to maintain good conditions together for the common good,” he said.

In addition, the Head of DPC SPN Morowali and North Morowali, Katsaing appealed to all parties to maintain conduciveness after the clash incident at PT. Gunbuster Nickel Industry (PT. GNI).

His party also invited members and friends who are members of the SPN in Kab. Morowali and Kab. North Morowali to always maintain security and conduciveness in their respective areas and respect each other.

“Let’s always maintain security and conduciveness in our respective areas, let’s respect each other,” said Katsaing.

Meanwhile, the Head of Public Relations of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police, Kombes Pol Didik Supranoto, in his press statement stated that PT GNI had started operating, as of Tuesday (17/1). In fact, all the local employees who have been laid off so far have arrived.

Didik added that the TNI-Polri who had been deployed to the location were ready to provide escort and security. In addition, he also appealed to the public and employees not to be easily provoked by issues whose truth is still unclear.

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