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Support PT GNI’s Investment, Regional Heads and Communities Hope Riots Won’t Recur


North Morowali — The regional heads and people of North Morowali really hope that the riots that had occurred at the company will not be repeated.

Kolonodale Village Head, Petasia District, North Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi, M. Yamin Bagenda stated that his party together with the entire community strongly supports the existence of PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) in the area.

“We, the Kolonodale Sub-District Government, together with all the people of the Kolonodale Sub-District, are very accepting and supportive of PT GNI’s mining investment in our area,” he said.

He added, because the existence of PT GNI in the area really helped improve the community’s economy.

“Because the company added to GNI greatly affects the community’s economy such as markets, MSMEs and other businesses,” continued M. Yamin.

Furthermore, in response to a clash on Saturday (14/1) at PT GNI, he admitted that he regretted it and regretted why it could happen.

M. Yamin Bagenda also hopes that such incidents will not be repeated because they also affect the smooth running of the community’s economy.

“With the incident on January 14 2023 yesterday, we really regret it and really regret why it happened like that. We hope that incidents like this will not be repeated, because these incidents also greatly affect the economy of the people in the Kolonodale Village,” he said.

The Head of the Kolonodale Urban Village also hopes that all communication between the company and the workers in the future will run better and smoother so that there will be no more incidents of clashes like some time ago.

“Our hope is that in the future things like that won’t happen again, everything can be communicated properly, so it runs smoothly. And we, as the government and the people of Kolonodale, feel the impact of the presence of PT GNI in our area,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Bahontula Urban Village Head, Budi Tangko also said that he and the whole community really support the existence of a company and the investment climate at PT GNI.

“With the presence of the PT GNI company in North Morowali, we, as the Bahontula Sub-District Government together with the Bahontula sub-district community, are very supportive of the presence of PT GNI’s investment in North Morowali Regency,” he said.

Budi Tangko also regretted the tragedy of the clash at PT GNI and appealed to the whole community not to be easily provoked by issues whose truth was not clear and had the potential to damage brotherhood.

“We deeply regret the tragedy that occurred at PT GNI yesterday, we ask all Bahontula people not to be provoked by issues that are developing that could damage the brotherhood in this country that we love, and we ask that this incident will not be repeated again. he said.

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