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Government, DPR, and KPU Agree on Simultaneous Elections on Schedule


Jakarta — Various parties, starting from the Government, the DPR to the election organizers, namely the KPU, have agreed and emphasized that the democratic party will not be postponed and according to the agreed schedule.

The Director General for Politics and Public Administration (Polpum) of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bahtiar ensured that the 2023 elections would be held as scheduled, namely on February 14, 2024.

In fact, all preparations have been carried out by the election organizers up to the legal instruments.

The Indonesian government has also committed to support the funding of the democratic party.

“In conclusion, all state administrators apart from the KPU, Bawaslu, and DKPP, are all on. I guess so,” he said.

Furthermore, Bahtiar explained that the Government itself in the last three years had indeed prepared everything for the 2024 Election.

Not only that, the KPU has also carried out a lot of recruitment to the sub-district and sub-district levels to support the success of the election.

Regarding funding, the Election funds themselves have been distributed, although not in full, then the KPU has also continued to seek innovations to save on the budget.

“Enough, enough,” said Bahtiar.

The Director General of Polpum of the Ministry of Home Affairs then also said that it was very important for election organizers not to trigger conflict and to be able to prevent differences in ideas from leading to violence.

The Ministry of Home Affairs also ensures that national and regional development will continue when the elections and their processes are carried out, regional governments are asked to keep inflation under control and the economy continues to grow amidst the world economic turmoil.

“If it goes well, we will feel the results too,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Indonesian Parliament, Puan Maharani, also emphasized that the 2024 elections would go ahead as scheduled.

“The election, God willing, will continue according to the existing schedule and God willing, it will be held on February 14, 2024,” he said.

At the Plenary Meeting, the DPR RI has even approved Perppu Number 1 of 2022 concerning changes to Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning Elections to become Law.

Puan Maharani then advised that the election could run without divisions after the regulation was ratified.

“Alhamdulillah, the Perppu related to elections has been passed into law. We hope that with the passing of Perppu No. 1 as this law, what we will jointly carry out and carry out ahead of the 2024 elections can run safely,” he said.

“Comfortable, happy, happy, without any divisions with each other in running a democratic party, and this law on elections can then be implemented as well as possible,” he added.

On another occasion, KPU Member August Mellaz also ensured that all stages and preparations for the 2024 Election had been carried out.

Therefore, he believes that the elections will indeed be held on time, namely on February 14, 2024, moreover the Election Perppu has also been ratified by the Indonesian Parliament to become law.

According to August, the ratification of this regulation is clear evidence to resolve the many issues regarding the postponement of the 2024 elections.

“This law should convince the public that the 2024 elections are on schedule. Because all the legal instruments are complete,” he said.

Some of the dynamics that have occurred so far include the decision of the Central Jakarta District Court which won the Prima Party lawsuit to postpone the General Election, all of which were followed up by the KPU.

August hopes that all these dynamics will not interfere with the running of the election stages.

“Everything we follow up. It should not interfere with the stages of the election,” he said.

“Like it or not, it’s our obligation to be there, to carry out elections on the track, or on time,” he added.

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