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Realize the 2024 Election Remain Peaceful, Avoid Division


Jakarta – A number of figures from various groups expressed the call to continue to hold the democratic election in the upcoming 2024 elections so that they remain peaceful. Simultaneously, they want that divisions should not occur that characterize the election.

Chairman of the Indonesian Mosques Council (DMI), Jusuf Kalla appealed not to allow any political campaigns to be brought into the mosque. The reason is, it could have the potential to make people divided.

“For this reason, the preachers will be separated so they don’t bring politics into the mosque. Although not all of them are like that, mosques can also call for an invitation to participate in elections or outreach to support democracy. What is worrying is not that the politics of the people are divided,” he said.

Furthermore, according to Jusuf Kalla, mosques should indeed be used as places for worship such as dhikr and praying together. According to him, through the mosque can also be a means to spread the symbols of Islam and unite people. So indeed if there are people who invite politics, it is clear that the mosque is not the place.

Meanwhile, the Sedulur Saklawase Volunteer group continues to try to convey the message that elections can be carried out safely and calmly, so as to create a peaceful democratic party.

Member of the Volunteers of Sedulur Saklawase, Rudi said that with a peaceful election, it will also produce leaders who side with the people and not political elites who seek chaos. It is hoped that the upcoming 2024 elections can run peacefully.

“Hopefully, in the spirit of peaceful elections, the 2024 simultaneous elections can produce leaders who are trustworthy and side with the people,” he said.

A similar sentiment was also expressed by the Mayor of Surabaya, Eri Cahyadi, who then immediately instructed the Village Community Empowerment Institute Communication Forum (LPMK) to neutralize the potential for commotion in the political year. Eri admitted that he did not want divisions just because of political activities.

“I don’t want there to be divisions among citizens just because of the Pileg and Pilkada. Keep it stable,” he said.

According to him, so far Surabaya has been in a safe and peaceful condition, so don’t let the general elections start causing chaos.

Therefore, for Eri it is very important to continue to maintain the stability of each village so that divisions do not occur.

“Keeping the stability of the village. This is Surabaya, don’t be slandered and don’t put each other down. This must be jogged all over, the ojok is broken (all of this must be maintained, so that there are no divisions),” he said.

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