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Regional Agriculture Successfully Advances Thanks to Inspiring Young Papua


Papua – Regional agriculture in Papua has been successful in various kinds of progress thanks to the hard efforts of the Inspiring Young Papuans (PMI) who provide a lot of guidance to assistance in providing facilities so that people are able to develop their businesses in the agricultural sector.

Farmers in Makwan Village, Masni District, Manokwari Regency, West Papua said that they really wanted to continue to receive various kinds of coaching and guidance from youth who are members of PMI.

Not without reason, the article is that the guidance that has been provided by PMI so far to regional farmers in Papua has proven to be very capable of advancing their lives. This was expressed directly by the farmers on behalf of the Masni District’s Sumber Makmur Jaya (SMJ) farmer group, where they firmly believe that guidance from PMI can bring a lot of progress to the farmers they manage.

One of the female farmers, Silla (58) in her written statement confirmed that they and other farmer groups who had received guidance from PMI were very satisfied. In fact, it is great hope that in the future we can continue to receive guidance so that all regional farmer groups in Papua can move forward and also be able to provide more prosperity for all the Papuan people who are there.

The written statement was delivered directly when the PMI ranks together with Deputy IV for Economic Intelligence at the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), I Gde Made Kartikajaya, directly inspected agricultural land managed by local farmers some time ago.

For information, during the review, PMI and Deputy IV for Economic Intelligence BIN were also accompanied by the Head of the Agricultural District (Kadis) of West Papua Province, Jacob Fonatoba, Chair of the Sumber Makmur Jaya Group, Solikin and also the administrators of the Sumber Makmur Jaya Farmer Group , Emy Tibiay. Furthermore, Silla revealed that the agricultural products he has managed so far, such as corn, have managed to grow very well. This, of course, cannot be separated from PMI’s large role in the guidance they have provided to regional farmer groups.

Even though it is growing very well, there are still other obstacles, namely pest attacks such as rats and also cows that go to the garden to eat their plants. With the problems still in the form of pests, he immediately hopes that PMI can return to provide guidance to be able to overcome these problems.

It is not just guidance regarding pest problems that he hopes for, but Silla also hopes that PMI can provide facilities such as tool assistance to anti-pest drugs so that pest attacks on farmers’ land do not recur and can be prevented in the future.

The representative from the regional farmer group in Papua stated that indeed the condition of all the crops they planted there were all in good condition, the products they produced were no less good, however there were plants that were often affected by rat pests, namely corn. So there is great hope that there will be coaching assistance and seeds for farmers from PMI again.

Not only Silla, but one of the other farmer representatives, Yusuf Woof (62) strongly agrees that the farmers in their area have really benefited from all the guidance that has been attempted by PMI.

Not only giving his appreciation, Yusuf also asked again that the support and guidance that PMI had provided for developing businesses owned by local residents, especially in the agricultural sector, could continue to run smoothly and be able to face various kinds of obstacles.

Of course, with all the appreciation that has been given directly by the farmer groups in Papua, it has been proven that PMI is indeed capable of succeeding and advancing regional agriculture in Cendrawasih Earth. Various kinds of very useful guidance have been provided by PMI to all regional farmers so that they can further advance their business in agriculture.

Meanwhile, the Government continues to be committed to advancing Papua, one of which is by building the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) Building. It is hoped that the existence of the PYCH Building, which is ready to be inaugurated by President Jokowi, is expected to develop many young Papuan talents.

For information, the PYCH Building will soon be inaugurated by President Joko Widodo. This building is located in Wahno Village, Abepura District, Jayapura City, Papua Province. The building was built magnificently and has complete facilities to support the talents and creativity of young people in the land of Papua.

It is in the PYCH building that later PMI will carry out various programs to contribute to the welfare of the people in the land of Papua. PMI will collaborate with various parties, develop themselves and continue to be the driving force for the development of young human resources in the land of Papua.

The government fully supports the PMI program and provides part of the APBN funds to ensure the program runs smoothly. With government support, it is hoped that Inspiring Young Papua will run smoothly and many young entrepreneurs will graduate each year. They understand not only how to do business and use technology, but also how to communicate with customers around the world.

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