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The Papua Youth Creative Hub Building is Ready to be Inaugurated by President Jokowi


Papua – The government continues to be committed to advancing Papua, one of which is by building the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building. It is hoped that the existence of the PYCH Building, which is ready to be inaugurated by President Jokowi, is expected to develop many young Papuan talents.

The PYCH building will soon be inaugurated by President Joko Widodo. This building is located in Wahno Village, Abepura District, Jayapura City, Papua Province. The building was built magnificently and has complete facilities to support the talents and creativity of young people in the land of Papua.

It is in the PYCH building that Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) will later run various programs to contribute to the welfare of the people in the land of Papua. PMI will collaborate with various parties, develop themselves and continue to be the driving force for the development of young human resources in the land of Papua.

The government fully supports the PMI program and provides part of the APBN funds to ensure the program runs smoothly. With government support, it is hoped that PMI will run smoothly and that many young entrepreneurs will graduate each year. They understand not only how to do business and use technology, but also how to communicate with customers around the world.

The PYCH building is an effort to facilitate youth in Papua to advance the people in the land of Papua. This building will be used and utilized by PMI to carry out a number of activities in an effort to contribute to the welfare of the people in Papua. The presence of this building is expected to be able to help the young generation of Papua in making works and doing various things that can prosper the people of Papua.

The construction of the PYCH Building, which was initiated by BIN Chief General Police (Purn) Budi Gunawan based on President Joko Widodo’s direction, will become a platform for self-development for young people throughout Papua. In it, there will be various trainings to be able to facilitate young Papuan talents. President Joko Widodo hopes that the existence of the PYCH Building, which was sparked at a meeting with young Papuans in September 2019, will later become a center for developing young talents in Papua.

Head of BIN, Police General (Purn) Budi Gunawan explained that the PYCH Building was built with two floors. The first floor is for the lobby, Papua blend coffee shop , coworking space , library, gallery, mini market, MSME store , training room and prayer room. While the second floor will be used for the convention hall , secretariat office, art, music and entertainment rooms, language rooms, coding and programming rooms , to entrepreneurship rooms and counseling rooms in the health sector.

The PYCH building has facilities to support the development of young people in the Land of Papua in various fields, including culinary, hospitality , research, technology, entrepreneurship, creative industries, digital, education and literacy, health, beauty, culture to language.

In addition, the PYCH building has rooms for MSME products, training rooms, meeting rooms, multipurpose rooms, rooms that can be used for co-working spaces , technology learning rooms and libraries. Inside the building there is a room in the form of a tribune with a capacity of more than 300 people. It can also be used for performances, religious activities and so on. Apart from that, the PYCH Building will also be equipped with 100 Mbps internet speed, CCTV to the control room.

The building which adopts the green building concept that utilizes natural energy such as lighting and wind is also equipped with a centralized fire alarm system in the control room, connected to all loudspeakers inside and outside the building. Apart from being in a building with facilities that are very indulgent because of its completeness, it turns out that beside the main building there is a futsal and basketball court. So that young people in Papua can take advantage of these facilities to channel their interest in sports.

In September 2022, youths who are members of PMI, assisted by BIN, succeeded in involving the community in developing corn fields in Sitori Village, East Kebar District, Tambrauw Regency, West Papua. In this activity there were at least 120 people from various tribes in West Papua. The corn field development program was initiated by BIN Head Budi Gunawan who was directly supported by President Joko Widodo.

PMI expressed its gratitude to President Joko Widodo and Head of BIN Budi Gunawan for the construction of the PYCH building. PMI stated that the construction of this building was one of the many facilities provided to young people and the community in Papua.

The existence of PYCH initiated by PMI under the auspices of BIN is a breakthrough for advancing Papua. With this facility, it is hoped that many young Papuan talents will continue to be committed to advancing Papua and Indonesia.

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