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Supporting the Acceleration of Completion of the Luke Enembe Case


By: Rebecca Marian *)

The Governor of Papua, Lukas Enembe is currently in the public spotlight because of the case that happened to him. Starting from allegations of corruption to gambling abroad, precisely in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore. On September 5, 2022, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) named Lukas Enembe a suspect in the alleged corruption case of the Papua Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD), alleged gratuities of Rp. 1 billion, misuse of funds for the management of PON XX Papua, and money laundering.

It all started with a report from the Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis (PPATK) which revealed that since 2017 there have been 12 allegations of improper financial management by the Governor of Papua. The report was immediately forwarded to the KPK for further examination. The Head of the KPK News Section, Ali Fikri, has sent summons to Lukas Enembe 2 (two) times with the first summons being made on 7 September 2022 or 2 (two) days after the determination of the suspect Lukas Enembe and the second summons being made on 12 September 2022. However, Lukas Enembe ignored both calls citing his unfavorable health condition.

Lukas Enembe’s party submitted an application for treatment to Singapore. However, the KPK did not grant the request because he was still on a preventive status abroad until March 2023. Deputy Chairperson of the KPK, Alexander Marwata, invited Lukas Enembe to be examined by a specialist in Indonesia. According to him, Lukas Enembe does not need to bother going abroad for treatment because Indonesia has no shortage of doctors who are experts in their fields. The KPK will also cooperate with the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) to assist in the medical examination process, but Enembe insists on checking with his personal doctor who was flown in from Singapore. The private doctors consisted of a cardiologist, a sub-kidney specialist, as well as an internist and 2 (two) nurses from Singapore who were flown to Jayapura, Papua.

Based on the certificates of private doctors and hospitals in Singapore, Lukas Enembe does have to regularly check his health. This was taken into consideration by the KPK in summoning Lukas Enembe to be investigated as a suspect. Alexander Marwata said that his party would not carry out a forced pick-up considering Lukas Enembe’s health condition.

The result of the agreement from the coordination meeting between the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Kemenkopolhukam), Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri), Ministry of Health, TNI-Polri, Papuan Police, Cendrawasih Military Command, and IDI will dispatch a team from the KPK to Papua which followed by the IDI team to examine Lukas Enembe as a suspect in the alleged corruption and gratification case. However, the chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission, Firli Bahuri, has not confirmed the schedule for the examination of Lukas Enembe.

Previously, the Papuan Police Chief, Inspector General Mathius D. Fakiri, visited Lukas Enembe at his residence, Koya Tengah, Jayapura, Papua on Friday last week. After successfully meeting Lukas, Inspector General Mathius confirmed that the Papuan governor was willing to follow the ongoing legal process and follow the entire series of health checks by the IDI team appointed by the KPK. The Papua Police Chief’s statement made the KPK have a bright spot in the process of thoroughly investigating the Luke Enembe case and immediately decided to send a team of investigators and the IDI medical team to go to his residence in Papua.

The KPK cannot only refer to Luke’s personal doctor’s statement, but must obtain a second opinion for a more objective examination result. Therefore, Alexander said the medical examination carried out by the IDI team on Lukas Enembe was solely for legal purposes which would later meet the need for the second opinion . He continued, the health examination carried out by the IDI team will determine the next steps to be taken by the KPK.

The Papuan people also support the applicable legal process and expect government officials to conduct investigations as fairly, honestly and openly as in the interests of the state. Papuan youth leader Martinus Kasuay supports the KPK’s efforts to resolve the alleged corruption case of Lukas Enembe. According to him, it is only natural that anyone who is guilty should be given criminal sanctions in accordance with the applicable legal process even though the person has a position in the government, including the Governor of Papua. This was also agreed by the Papuan Customary Leader, Gasper May, who stated that the Papuan people did not need to intervene in the Lukas Enembe case in any form because it was already the authority of law enforcement. All parties must respect and follow the existing legal process because the law is the commander in chief in Indonesia.

*) The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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