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The Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia is confident that  the 2024 election will not create divisions


By : Putri Dewi Nathania )*

The Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia firmly believes that holding a democratic election party in 2024 will absolutely not create and trigger conflicts or divisions among the people of Indonesia.

Indonesia is a very rich country, because it has diverse backgrounds, ranging from language, race, ethnicity to religion and culture. It doesn’t stop there, this nation also adheres to a democratic government system that allows the people to have sovereignty in determining who will lead the nation.

Of course, by adhering to a democratic government system, it is also very possible for differences of opinion and differences of voice to occur regarding who the people in Indonesia want to support as future leaders.

It is also undeniable that when people have different voices and opinions, this could trigger conflict or division horizontally to polarization among the community.

Responding to this, the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (Wapres RI), KH Ma’ruf Amin actually believed that even though there were indeed different views and also political choices in the contestation of the democratic party for the holding of the upcoming 2024 General Elections (Pemilu). According to him, the difference in views will not cause divisions among the people.

This is because KH Ma’ruf Amin considered that until this moment, the ties of brotherhood owned by the Indonesian people were still strong. Therefore, with this strong brotherhood, it is impossible for people in the country to be easily provoked into narratives of division.

So for him it is impossible for divisions to occur in Indonesian society if it is only due to differences in political views. Moreover, with the commemoration of Eid al-Fitr 1444 Hijriyah on Saturday 22 April 2023, the momentum of this Eid has become an occasion to further strengthen the ties of friendship with relatives and also relatives to be able to celebrate the day of victory together, especially for Muslims.

The Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia then also appealed to all Indonesian people to be able to make the celebration of Eid Al-Fitr 2023 the best momentum in an effort to strengthen brotherhood. Furthermore, he stressed how important it is to continue to maintain kinship ties through gathering events, including especially in the face of the upcoming 2024 Election democratic party.

Furthermore, the Deputy Head of State said that the 2024 Election event had indeed been agreed upon in the administration of the state in Indonesia because it was also appropriate and contained in the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia. So of course election organizers themselves are not a new thing for society and indeed it has been carried out many times in the country so that the public themselves are also very used to it.

With the reason that the public is accustomed to holding the 2024 elections in Indonesia, KH Ma’ruf Amin firmly believes that the people of the country themselves will be able to respond to differences in political choices with great heart. He added that indeed having an attitude that is legowo is also very necessary in facing election contestation.

He reiterated and stressed that absolutely there should not be and should not be any hostility arising in society as a result of differences in political views in the country. For him, a difference would be a natural thing and could also be addressed in a wise way.

Moreover, there are differences in the political views of the people in a country that adheres to a democratic system. Even though being different is a very natural thing, the existence of differences in no way should cause hostility so that it must continue to be addressed with a sense of kinship and peace.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the election, namely the General Election Commission (KPU) stated that the democratic party actually has a function as an adhesive for differences in political choices in a multicultural society like Indonesia. Precisely the election event itself, according to a member of the Nunukan Regency KPU Technical Implementation Division, Kaharuddin, is able to unify it because precisely without the continuation of the General Election, this nation will be divided due to many interests.

It is very important to continue to promote the election in accordance with the motto of this country, namely Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, which was indeed initiated by the founding fathers of the nation and it is hoped that the holding of elections will become a means of integration for the country.

For this reason, it is in line with the statement put forward by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, that indeed the General Elections (Elections) in the upcoming 2024 will absolutely not be able to create and cause conflicts and divisions within Indonesian society.

)* The author is a contributor to the Perkasa Media Institute

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