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Caring for the Community, PT. GNI Provides Assistance to Orphanages


North Morowali – PT. Gunbusters Nickel Industry (GNI) provided groceries to a number of orphanages in North Morowali, Central Sulawesi, Friday (20/1/2023).

PT. Gunbusters Nickel Industry (GNI) namely HOD Public Relations Mister Jiang Chao went directly to provide assistance to a number of orphanages in North Morowali, Central Sulawesi.

“Through this assistance, we hope it will be of benefit to all the children who are in this orphanage,” said Mister Jiang Chao .

He said that his party provided at least 320 egg racks, 160 sacks of rice, 160 cartons of milk, 160 bottles of coconut oil, 160 cartons of snacks and 160 packages of raw crackers to a number of orphanages in North Morowali.

Mister Jiang Chao said that in the future , his party would provide assistance to orphanages as a form of concern for children in North Morowali.

” In the future we will contract sir, for example, what are the difficulties in this orphanage, just make a proposal and we are ready to help,” he explained.

He also mentioned that children in North Morowali would later be given the opportunity to work at PT. GNI When they are ready to work. “We are ready to employ them when they are ready to work,” he said.

Assistance provided by PT. GNI is a form of contribution from the company for the welfare of the surrounding community, namely the North Morowali area.

As is known, North Morowali Regent Dr. dr. Delis Julkarson Hehi , said that the presence of investors in North Morowali Regency must be able to contribute to the welfare of the community.

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