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The Equitable Distribution of Covid-19 Vaccinations in Indonesia Ranked in the 5th Best in the World


By: Raditya Rahman)*

Equitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccinations, which the Government continues to strive for, has succeeded in being the fifth best in the world. This is a brilliant achievement because it is in line with the program to accelerate the country’s economic recovery.

In order to immediately eradicate the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, the Government continues to make efforts to achieve the vaccine target to the widest possible population. This is indeed very important so that the majority of the human population has a strong immune system so that it can be more resistant to possible viral outbreaks.

Regarding this, the Coordinator of the Expert Team and Government Spokesperson for Handling Covid-19, Wiku Adisasmito, said that Indonesia’s vaccination record was in the top five in the world. This achievement is the result of a social distancing policy that adapts to the conditions of active cases, the availability of drugs, and the current availability of vaccines.

After imposing strict policies through Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government adjusted and made new policies that took into account the dynamics of the pandemic case, namely the Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM).

The results of all these Government policies include the provision of vaccinations to the entire community. According to Prof. Wiku, at this point, everyone should be proud because Indonesia is the country with the fifth highest dose of vaccine in the world.

According to data from the Ministry of Health as of August 18, 2022 at 18:00, the number of people who have received the first dose of vaccine is 203,062,974 people or equivalent to 86.53 percent of the total vaccination target set. Meanwhile, the number of people who received the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine was 170,576,561 people, equivalent to 72.69 percent. Furthermore, those who received the third dose of vaccine or booster were 58,996,810 or 25.14 percent. The number of people who received the fourth dose of vaccination was 272,243 people, the figure was 18.54 percent.

Please note that the Government has set a vaccination target of 234,666,020 people. Prof. Wiku said that vaccine acceleration continues to be increased with caution and vigilance in the midst of ongoing socio-economic activities. If left unchecked, of course, will increase the possibility of transmission of the virus.

Therefore, the Indonesian government is still trying to adapt to a very dynamic pandemic situation. In addition to achievements in the medical field, said Wiku, Indonesia can also survive economically. This is reflected in economic growth which has returned to above 5 percent since the fourth quarter of 2021.

However, they do not want to be complacent. According to him, the current achievements must be maintained as a joint task between the government and the community. Several things continue to be the main concern or focus of the Government, namely the possibility of people being infected again after being vaccinated or after recovering from Covid-19.

On another occasion, the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Budi Gunadi Sadikin said, this achievement could not be separated from the support and coordinated efforts of all elements of the state, from ministries/agencies, TNI/Polri, local governments, mass organizations, religious organizations, economic actors to the community. in the success of the National Immunization Program.

In response to this, he also expressed his deepest gratitude to all parties involved in the implementation of this Covid-19 vaccination so that it can run, and reminded that although the vaccinated population continues to grow, the risk of contracting Covid-19 remains. Therefore, vaccination needs to accelerate the achievement of herd immunity. In addition, health protocols must also be applied practically in daily life to provide optimal protection.

Meanwhile, President Joko Widodo or President Jokowi said that Indonesia was one of the countries that had succeeded in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic. According to him, Indonesia’s vaccination record against Covid-19 is among the best in the world. Villagers and villagers protect each other and share. Ulama, religious leaders and traditional leaders actively support the community, which also supports the government in overcoming this uncertainty.

He believes that once Indonesia manages the Covid-19 pandemic, it can handle other big problems well. Jokowi said this is the power of the nation to build Indonesia. President Joko Widodo said Covid-19 cases had soared since Eid 2022. He also reminded the public to immediately get a booster injection or third dose to avoid exposure to Covid-19.

On the other hand, public interest in visiting shopping centers and malls in DKI Jakarta remains high amid the mandatory booster regulations. The booster rules are being implemented from mid-July 2022 in line with

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