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⁠All elements of society must continue to maintain harmony after the 2024 elections



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⁠All elements of society must continue to maintain harmony after the 2024 elections

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All people in Indonesia must continue to work together to maintain harmony between citizens, especially in post-voting conditions in the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) political contestation like now.

In relation to efforts to ensure that all elements of society are able to continue to maintain harmony between residents, security forces carry out outreach and dialogue activities with residents. During the meeting, Chief Police Brigadier (Bripka) Dede Rohimat invited all residents to maintain harmony and togetherness amidst differences in political views that might occur after the election.

It cannot be denied that as a country that upholds the principles of democracy, Indonesia is very free to express one’s right to vote, so that there will be several differences in views, choices and opinions regarding politics between citizens and each other.

For this reason, in the midst of these differences, it is very important to continue to emphasize unity and unity in maintaining stability and peace in the environment between communities.

Because only with the unity and unity that exists between the community, this becomes the main capital to be able to develop the region or village where the community itself lives to be more advanced.

Regarding efforts to continue to maintain security and public order (kamtibmas), the security apparatus invites all residents to play an active role in maintaining their environment so that it remains safe and comfortable.

Likewise, the Deputy Regent of West Tanjung Jabung, H Hairan, also appealed to the entire community to remain able to maintain harmony between fellow citizens, regardless of anything and whatever the final result of the democratic party which is held every five years in the country.

Whatever the results of the 2024 elections, that is the hope of most people in Indonesia, so the most important thing to do now after voting in the elections is for people to maintain a safe and conducive situation.

Apart from that, it is not only important for society to continue to maintain unity and unity after the election, but no less important is that all elements of society can support whoever will become the leader of this nation, because support from the people will also make Indonesia’s development possible. could be done better.

The full support or legitimacy given by the community to the leaders who have been appointed and legitimate in the future, is the same as indicating that the citizens really care about this nation and state.

Meanwhile, a number of community leaders in North Gorontalo also invited all residents to maintain peace and maintain stability, security and order in their area after the 2024 elections.

It is hoped that the community can remain compact and united to maintain peace in their respective areas. On the other hand, citizens should also be grateful because it turns out that all stages of the democratic party held in the country were successfully passed very well, especially in the process of voting and counting the votes.

The traditional leader in Tomilito District, Iwan Humolungo, also expressed the same thing, who appealed to the public to remain calm and accept all the final results of the elections with full sincerity and an open heart.

Whatever and however the final result of the General Election is, whoever is legally declared elected, conduciveness and maintaining unity and integrity are still important to continue to prioritize. Because whoever is elected will definitely be destined by God Almighty to become the leader of this nation who will fight for the welfare of society.

The administrator of the North Gorontalo Inter-Religious Communication Forum (FKUB), Abdul Rahman Mooduto, also appealed to the entire community not only to accept sincerely the final results of the election determination, but also to remain able to maintain harmony between religious communities in Indonesia.

Because living in harmony side by side, even between religious communities, has always been the main priority of invitations from religious leaders to communities throughout the region. It is also proven that with conducive conditions, this nation will continue to be able to achieve progress and prosperity.

If there are results announced by the election organizers, namely the General Election Commission (KPU), of course the entire community is obliged to accept them well so that there are no more attempts to ridicule each other, insult each other, elbow each other or other potential frictions that could arise and instead increasingly dividing society itself.

In the end, regardless of how heated the political contestation is in the General Election, after the General Election, all people in Indonesia will remain brothers and sisters, do not sacrifice harmony between citizens just for the sake of a group or individual group. As an element of society, we must continue to be strong in building togetherness.

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