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43rd ASEAN Summit Officially Opened, Jokowi Invites ASEAN Countries to Cooperate Towards the Epicentrum of Growth


President Joko Widodo officially opened the 43rd ASEAN Summit at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta on Tuesday (5/9/2023).

“By saying bismillahirohmanirohim, I hereby declare the 43rd ASEAN Summit and other Summits to be officially opened,” President Joko Widodo said in his opening speech at the JCC.

In his opening remarks, President Joko Widodo welcomed the presence of the leaders of ASEAN countries who attended the 43rd ASEAN Summit at the JCC Jakarta.

“Welcome to Jakarta for the 43rd ASEAN Summit. I and all the Indonesian people are very pleased to welcome the big ASEAN family,” said the President.

President Joko Widodo said that there are several problems that ASEAN is still facing. Jokowi emphasized the unity and strength of ASEAN in overcoming various problems faced by ASEAN.

“I’m sure not only Indonesia, but all ASEAN member countries have the same sense of pride, have the same sense of love for the family we call ASEAN,” he said.

“At this good moment as a member of the family and as chairman of ASEAN, I want to emphasize that the unity of ASEAN is still well maintained,” he continued.

Jokowi said that differences of opinion are a natural thing in creating unity and integrity. According to him, differences of opinion are something that can strengthen ASEAN unity and unity.

President Joko Widodo also said that differences of opinion are something that can foster democracy and make ASEAN countries countries on an equal footing.

“Unity should not be interpreted as the absence of differences of opinion, as a country that has various ethnicities, cultures, languages ​​and religions, for Indonesia, unity is harmony in diversity, including differences of opinion.” said Jokowi.

“Because differences of opinion actually nourish democracy, it actually shows that we as a family have an equal position,” Jokowi added.

Jokowi emphasized that equality is an important thing to maintain to avoid conflict due to inequality. Equality is the main thing in maintaining the ASEAN family to continue to grow and develop.

“I see that equality has become a rare thing in the world. Many injustices and conflicts occur due to the lack of equality. “But in ASEAN it is different, equality is actually the main value that we respect and uphold together within a framework of unity and togetherness so that the great ship of ASEAN can continue to move forward,” he said.

President Joko Widodo also emphasized that various problems in the world are increasingly complex. However, President Joko Widodo invited all ASEAN members to continue to work together in creating prosperity and peace.

“We realize that the world is not doing well, the challenges in the future are getting tougher and it will result in a struggle for influence by the big powers, but ASEAN has agreed not to become a proxy for any power, to work with anyone for peace and prosperity,” said Jokowi.

“Don’t make our ASEAN ship an arena of rivalries that destroy each other but make this ASEAN ship a field to grow cooperation to create prosperity, create stability, create peace not only for the region but also for the world,” Jokowi continued.

For this reason, through the 43rd ASEAN Summit, Indonesia as part of the ASEAN family and chairperson invites all ASEAN countries to realize inclusive cooperation towards the Epicentrum of Growth.

“Let’s create equal and mutually beneficial cooperation to sail together towards the Epicentrum of Growth,” he concluded.

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