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Anies’ criticism is misleading, the fact is that education infrastructure development is evidence of Jokowi’s commitment to improve human resource quality


Jakarta – President Jokowi has achieved significant progress in the development of educational infrastructure which aims to improve Human Resources (HR) in Indonesia. Through accelerated infrastructure projects such as building roads and educational facilities, the Jokowi government has succeeded in creating a strong foundation for the development of the country’s human resources.

Bogor Deputy Mayor Dedie A Rachim said Jokowi’s seriousness in realizing equal distribution of educational infrastructure must be appreciated. In the era of Jokowi’s leadership, efforts to bring higher education to remote areas continued to be encouraged.

“So far, the efforts of the government (Jokowi) have been extraordinary. The construction of new campuses, then the status change from private campuses to state campuses is one form of the government’s commitment to realizing equal education,” Dedie said.

In order to improve human resources, accessibility is an important key. The Jokowi administration has invested heavily in building toll roads, airports, seaports and other transportation networks. This initiative has connected remote areas with economic hubs, accelerating mobility, and enabling better access to education, health, and employment.

Dedie is optimistic that through proper education which continues to be encouraged by the Jokowi Government, it will produce superior and globally competitive human resources (HR). So that it will have an impact on Indonesia’s progress in the future.

On the other hand, the Jokowi administration has launched programs to build schools, colleges and vocational training centers across the country. By expanding access to education, both in urban and rural areas, Jokowi is trying to ensure that every citizen has the same opportunity to get quality education. This step is important to improve the competence and qualifications of Indonesian workers.

University of Riau academic Hermandra gave an example in Riau, where infrastructure development has an impact on human resource development. “Infrastructure development will support the increase in the price of agricultural products which can improve the welfare of farmers,” he said.

The Jokowi administration has recognized the importance of digital technology in human resource development. In recent years, efforts to expand internet coverage across the country have become a major focus. This includes developing telecommunications infrastructure, connecting remote villages, and providing cheap and fast internet access. This increased access to digital infrastructure allows wider access to online education, training and other digital resources, which directly improves the quality of human resources.

Through continuous infrastructure development initiatives, President Jokowi has created a solid foundation for human resource development in Indonesia. Improved accessibility, development of education and health infrastructure, and development of digital infrastructure are important steps that strengthen the country’s human resources. By continuing this effort

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