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Appreciate the Government’s Efforts to Organize Mudik 2023


The government continues to make every effort to organize the 2023 Eid Mudik, both in terms of infrastructure readiness, traffic engineering, and the availability of fuel oil (BBM). These various steps certainly need to be appreciated as a form of the state’s presence in society .

Eid 2023 is very special because people can return to their hometowns, after 2020 and 2021 they can only celebrate Eid al-Fitr at home. They are happy because they can go home and respect their parents. Hari Raya becomes more beautiful because you can shake hands with relatives and neighbors.

The government has worked hard so that the 2023 mudik will run without problems. The Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi advised the public to go home early to avoid overcrowding on the peak day of the Idul Fitri homecoming flow, which is predicted to occur from 18 to 21 April 2023. For people who can already take holidays, they can go home earlier because the roads are still not very busy. congested.

Budi Karya continued, a number of efforts were made by the government to break up the density of the flow of passengers and vehicles on a certain day, so that there would not be a peak for homecoming that was too high which caused the density to get out of control.

The hope is that with the anticipatory efforts that have been made, the comparison between the capacity of roads and transportation nodes with the volume of passengers and vehicles or the volume to capacity (V/C) ratio can remain below number 1, which means it is still running smoothly.

Furthermore, to anticipate the density of vehicle traffic on the peak day of homecoming, various traffic engineering scenarios have been prepared such as contra-flow, one way, odd-even, restrictions on freight transport, rest area management, and so on.

A number of transportation and road operators have provided discounted rates or promos to encourage people to go home earlier. Among them are toll road operators who provide a 20% discount for the Trans Sumatra toll road on April 16-18 and return traffic on April 26-28 2023. Meanwhile, other operators provide a 20% discount on Jakarta Cikampek toll rates in the April 16-18 period and 27-29 April 2023.

Train operators also provide discounted train rates for April 14-17 2023. In addition, airlines also set discounted prices on tickets for the period April 13-17 2023. A number of these airlines have also increased their transportation capacity during the Eid period to meet the needs of Idul Fitri transportation. public.

The community appreciates the government because they are finally allowed to go home in 2023. Currently the situation is relatively safe and many have been vaccinated, so it is only natural that going home is allowed. They will meet their parents and relatives in the village and will no longer hold back their homesickness, because last year they could only apologize via video call.

The requirements for booster vaccines before going home are also not burdensome, because they have all received them. Since the start of the national vaccination program, the community has been enthusiastic and injected with the vaccine three times. They are aware that vaccination will increase the body’s immunity so that it is safe from Corona .

Booster vaccines are needed to strengthen the body’s immunity so that it is not susceptible to corona. Moreover, this evil virus continues to mutate, so boosters are mandatory. Hurry up for a booster , apart from the requirements for going home, it also avoids the possibility of getting a corona.

Currently, people are starting to hunt for booster vaccines because they want to go home and they only have to come to the designated hospital to be injected . Of course you have to bring a photocopy of your ID card and proof of invitation for the booster vaccine in the Peduli Protect application. Don’t hesitate to get booster vaccines because they are safe, have minimal side effects, and are still free by the government.

Vaccination coverage is already more than 50% and there is no need for up to 100% of vaccinations to be allowed to go home. The community appreciates the government who understands that they really miss wanting to return to their hometowns, so they are allowed to do so even though the national vaccination program has not been 100% complete.

Homecoming is allowed because apart from the lower number of Corona cases compared to last month, vaccinations have also been carried out everywhere. So if people travel long distances together, they won’t be afraid of a new Corona cluster . The reason is because the vaccine protects them from transmission of the Covid -19 virus.

The public is asked not to criticize the booster vaccine requirement policy before going home because this rule was made for their own safety. If someone insists on being anti-vaccine, they will be responsible for the consequences themselves. It’s really strange if someone refuses vaccines even though it’s for the sake of protecting their own life.

The government is trying hard to make homecoming in 2023 run smoothly without any long traffic jams. A number of strategies have been implemented, such as urging people to go home early, giving discounts on toll roads, and arranging homecoming flows. The community appreciates the government’s efforts to organize safe and comfortable homecoming, and minimize the worst risks.

)* The author is a contributor to the Siber Nusa Institute

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