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Appreciates the Government for Handling the Rempang Conflict to Resolve the Root of the Problem


All elements of society in Indonesia should give very high appreciation for the way the Indonesian Government handled the conflict that occurred with the residents of Rempang Island regarding investment plans and development projects in the area. In fact, the approach taken is able to reach the root of the problem and reach a common ground.

So far, all the resources and efforts including various methods, steps and strategies carried out by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) have been very optimal to handle various kinds of conflict issues that previously occurred in the Rempang area with residents.

With all the approaches taken by the government to mitigate this conflict, Member of Commission VI of the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI), Abdul Hakim Bafagih gave very high appreciation. Because, all these efforts have finally borne fruit so that now a number of residents on Rempang Island have agreed for them to be relocated.

In this case, the Indonesian government has been very successful in presenting and providing a series of assurances to the community, so that local residents are now choosing to place their trust in the government and also in project development in the Rempang area.

Not half-hearted, even several parties also stated that, not only did they give high appreciation for the government’s success in handling conflicts with the community in the Rempang area, but also various such efforts should also be an example for various other regions if they experience conflict with residents.

What kind of approach has been taken so far by the government that has produced very good results, namely in the form of residents’ confidence and community support for the project in the Rempang area, is very concrete evidence of the optimal approach that has been intensified.

In fact, the Indonesian Government, through the Minister of Investment who also serves as Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), Bahlil Lahadalia, immediately went down and went to the grassroots community and all the homes of local residents to really find out the root of the problem that was happening. .

Efforts to go directly and visit all residents’ homes are also included in the Government’s framework to listen to all the complaints and aspirations expressed by residents in Rempang regarding all their rights and also regarding the sustainability of investment on Rempang Island.

So, with the right approach, the end result can be very satisfying, namely the resolution of conflicts with the local community in an amicable manner. In fact, it is not an easy thing to be able to change thoughts and gain confidence, even now it has turned into support from the local community.

For this reason, all the real work that has been carried out by the Indonesian Government in approaching the residents of Rempang Island is indeed a very extraordinary thing because it dares to deal directly with the community and clearly conveys what kind of problem is occurring so that the point can be reached. meeting with residents to find out what solution they want.

The very clear delivery from the government accompanied by the openness of all information to the public also meant that in the end the residents on Rempang Island were willing to accept this investment. Because it turns out that so far at the beginning there was a misunderstanding or there was a communication gap that still hasn’t reached the public.

The various methods carried out by the Indonesian Government are aimed at ensuring and realizing the existence of investment on Rempang Island so that it can run very well, but on the other hand it also remains and continues to not ignore the rights of the local community.

The existence of investment or capital investment activities, whether coming from foreign parties or from within the country itself, in the Rempang Area development project is very important and deserves to be supported by all parties because of its extraordinary benefits, namely being able to improve the national economy, especially able to improve the welfare and standard of living of the community itself.

This also means that it is very clear how the government is committed to continuing to fulfill all the rights that are owned by all the people on Rempang Island, but on the other hand it is also to encourage the realization of investments that can improve the national economy and not just stop.

As mandated by the Entrepreneur Law, the Government also continues to strive to provide certainty of a very clear legal umbrella to entrepreneurs and investors without making any differences in attitude. The root of the problem on Rempang Island, which has been felt by the local community for so long, is now slowly starting to find common ground and very real concrete solutions. This is all thanks to the hard work of the Indonesian Government and the very appropriate methods or approaches used by the government in efforts to mitigate conflict with citizens.

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