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Condemning KST Papua’s Brutal Actions Obstructing the Rescue of Susi Air Pilots


All parties deserve to condemn very strongly the series of sadistic and violent acts that continue to be carried out by KST Papua. Because they did not hesitate to attack the security forces and also continued to obstruct the Susi Air Pilot’s rescue mission.

Recently the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) has again carried out its sadistic actions. In fact, this group has continued to terrorize with a series of cruel actions that are completely inhumane. It is known that one Indonesian National Army (TNI) soldier died while on duty in Cenderawasih Earth.

The soldier is Private First Class Miftahul Arifin, who is a member of the Yonif R/321 GT Task Force currently on duty at Mugi-Mam, Nduga Regency, Papua. The deceased died on the field due to gunshots from KST Papua.

Regarding this incident, the Head of the Indonesian Armed Forces Information Center (Kapuspen), Rear Admiral Julius Widjojono revealed the chronology of the gunfight experienced by soldiers with KST Papua at Mugi-Mam, which occurred on Saturday, April 15, 2023 at 16:30 WIT.

He explained that initially the joint security apparatus, including the TNI, formed a task force aimed at being able to carry out a mission to rescue the Susi Air pilot who was taken hostage by a separatist group and Papuan terrorists. the Task Force tried to approach the positions of the hostages, but in fact the group of hostage takers immediately attacked the security forces.

Rear Admiral Julius added that one of the soldiers had fallen into a 15-meter deep ravine, then when other personnel tried to provide assistance, they received repeated attacks. Meanwhile, the conditions of the other soldiers are currently still in the deepening stage.

The Kapuspen TNI explained that the latest information until Sunday April 16 at 14:03 WIB, confirmed that there was only 1 (one) victim in the exchange of fire that occurred, namely soldier Private Miftahul Arifin.

So far, the security forces have continued to make every effort to save the Susi Air pilot, including trying to save other soldiers who had been hit by the KST Papua attack, but there were obstacles, namely the weather so that they could get further information about the incident. hampered by unpredictable weather conditions.

In fact, strictly speaking, the TNI Commander himself immediately ordered his staff to immediately conduct a search and also send combat assistance with maximum force. Until now, the process of providing assistance and also the evacuation of all soldiers is still being carried out by the TNI.

In fact, this is not the first time that the security forces have become victims of the sadistic actions carried out by these separatist and terrorist groups. Previously, another TNI member, namely Sertu Robertus Simbolon also died after he was shot at by KST Papua.

Then, there was another sadistic action carried out by the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) under the leadership of the Commander of the Regional Defense Command (Kodap) III Ndugama Derakma, Egianus Kogoya. They continuously show their ferocity.

KST Papua even claimed that they had shot 9 (nine) TNI members in Yal District, Nduga Regency, Highlands Papua on Saturday April 15 2023 afternoon.

Regarding the many sadistic actions that continued to be carried out by KST Papua, East Java GM PKPPI also highlighted these inhumane actions. The youth organizations children of soldiers and police asked the Government and the TNI Commander to act decisively and in a measured manner.

Not only that, but the FKPPI GM strongly opposes and also strongly condemns all forms of violence perpetrated by KST Papua. according to East Java GM FKPPI Secretary, Didik Prasetiyono, violence will only exacerbate the situation and also increase the suffering of those involved in the conflict, both from the security forces and innocent civilians who can become victims.

It is clear that all kinds of sadistic acts that have been carried out by KST have caused many victims to fall and have also caused greater damage to the Land of Papua. Therefore, Didik encourages all parties through GM FKPPI to be able to immediately resolve conflicts in a peaceful and dialogue way.

The reason is, indeed, by means of peace and dialogue, all kinds of differences of opinion can be found for the best solution for both parties in conflict, and also able to maintain the security and welfare of the people of Papua and even Indonesia as a whole.

KST Papua continues to block efforts by the security forces to rescue pilot Susi Air. Not only that, but they also did not hesitate to directly attack the security forces causing casualties. Of course all kinds of sadistic acts of violence from this group deserve to be condemned very harshly.

)* the author is a Papuan student living in Bandung

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