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DPR Appreciates Security Forces in Crackdown on KST Papua


The Community Representative Council or DPR appreciates the Security Forces who have succeeded in eradicating the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST). The existence of KST has long had to be eradicated because it not only disturbs security but also threatens the safety of the Papuan people.

KST continues to carry out its brutal actions by carrying out a series of terror attacks. Most recently, there was a shootout between the TNI and KST which killed 5 KST members. This received appreciation from a member of the DPR RI from the PPP faction, Syaifullah Tamliha.

He also said it was important for the TNI to take firm action against KST. If not, of course there will be a risk to development in Papua. Because without such firm action, of course development in Papua will experience a slowdown compared to other provinces in the Republic of Indonesia. Moreover, according to military calculations, the TNI is superior to the KST.

However, for Syaifullah, there is no need for a large-scale operation to eradicate KST. Because what the TNI in Papua really needs is a complete structure in every level of the TNI from the Military Command to the Koramil and Babinsa in Papua as a sign that the state is present in Papuan society.

It is known that the shooting incident occurred in Kali Brasa, Dekai District, Yakuhimo Regency, Thursday (14/9) at around 14.50 WIT. Currently, the bodies of the five KST members have been evacuated to the hospital.

KST Papua does not represent the struggle, moreover the actions they took actually resulted in the destruction of public facilities and even the loss of lives of the Papuan people. Sure enough, many victims have fallen, from officers to civilians.

No wonder the Papuan people actually reject the existence of KST, because various causes lead to riots. Several youth and community organizations that are members of the Papuan community component in Jayapura have stated that they firmly reject the presence of the Free Papua Organization (OPM).

The TNI-Polri are committed to continuing to be present to provide a sense of security, maintain conducive conditions, protect their citizens and take firm action against any violations of laws and regulations in order to uphold state sovereignty in Papua.

Previously, the Commander of the TNI Operational Execution Command (Dankolaksops) Brigadier General Juinta Omboh Sembiring said that people were increasingly brave in reporting the existence of KST to the joint team in Papua. Sembiring said that people should not be afraid to report the whereabouts of KST, they can use radio such as SSB in villages or districts.

Sembiring said that the Joint Collaborative Team of the TNI, Polri, State Intelligence Agency (BIN), National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN) and other stakeholders had succeeded in convincing the Papuan people to feel safe.

He said he would immediately deploy security forces to areas that were not yet conducive to maintaining the safety of residents. The Joint Team also assured residents that national development in Papua would continue.

Sembiring said, so that the people are willing to develop Papua together and that there will be no more security disturbances that could hinder Papua’s development, so that it is hoped that Papua will become a prosperous, safe and peaceful region. He also expressed his gratitude to the public who had the courage to report the existence of KST. Reports from the public will be followed up by a joint team with the results of confiscating ammunition, weapons, communications equipment and documents.

Sembiring believes that the perpetrators of terror are obstacles to development in Papua who must become a common enemy for anyone who wants Papua to be more developed.

Previously, KST had claimed that his group had received support from the Papuan people. However, this was apparently denied by Rev. Jupinus Color. According to him, it would be a big mistake if KST was loved by the public. Due to the fact that KST actually carried out terror not only against civilians, but also launched attacks on security forces.

Even KST itself expelled Papuans just because they didn’t want to support KST and flew flags with the Morning Star logo. Of course, what KST did really does not deserve to be called a struggle. All forms of attacks and threats against the Papuan people actually show that KST does not like progress in Papua thanks to the development policies implemented.

Previously, Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly Bambang Soesatyo (Bamsoet) also supported the government and TNI/Polri’s steps to add troops to take firm but measured action against KST. He views that the government’s attitude is in accordance with the provisions of Law Number 5 of 2018 concerning the Eradication of Criminal Acts of Terrorism.

Bamsoet explained that apart from deploying troops and taking firm action, it was also important for the government to build dialogue with regional governments as well as traditional, tribal, religious, youth and various other Papuan community leaders.

In an effort to crush KST, of course a mature and measurable strategy is needed. The Papuan people have the right to security and peace to be able to carry out activities in Papua. Therefore, security forces have a big responsibility to maintain security on Cenderawasih Earth.

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