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Entrepreneurs Fully Support the Development of the Archipelago IKN


Young entrepreneurs fully support the efforts to develop the National Archipelagic Sciences and the transfer of the capital city from Jakarta to Kalimantan. This is because it will create an even distribution of development in Indonesia, as well as being able to reduce Jakarta’s burden so far.

The existence of the Law (UU) concerning the State Capital (UU IKN), will be a basis for the development of the Archipelago IKN in East Kalimantan (East Kalimantan ). In this regard , the Minister of National Development Planning/ Head of Bappenas , Suharso Monoarfa, stated that the development of IKN with the theme ‘World City for All’ was the start of a new civilization in Indonesia.

Then, by choosing the name ‘Nusantara’, the Capital City of the Republic of Indonesia indeed represents the concept of unity which accommodates wealth and diversity in the country. The reality of wealth and diversity is social capital to be able to advance people’s welfare , including to create an advanced, resilient and sustainable Indonesia.

It has been agreed that the Capital City of the Archipelago is in the form of a special regional government unit at the provincial level whose territory is the domicile of the National Capital. The designation of the IKN Authority as a regional government specifically for the Capital City of the Archipelago is given to respond to developments in the current digital era in facilitating the implementation of all matters for the development of IKN. Expert Staff of the Minister of PPN for Institutional Relations Diani Sadia Wati revealed that the governance of IKN will certainly not be out of the constitution.

Furthermore, he revealed that indeed governance in managing the IKN is really needed with agile or agile work, effective work, and also efficient. Even though it is in the form of a special government, it must still be in accordance with the constitution and must remain based on the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and continue to adopt what is needed in order to realize the IKN.

There are three main objectives of IKN, namely a symbol of national identity, a sustainable city in the world, and as a driving force for the Indonesian economy in the future. IKN development, besidesis an effort to change the development paradigm to become Indonesia- centric , as well as to realize the Vision of Indonesia 2045. In each process, the development of the IKN will involve the community around East Kalimantan.

The Minister of PPN, Suharso then added that local communities themselves have broad forms of participation, namely they can participate in development, such as participating in work, everything is done openly, employment opportunities are also very open for local communities.

Meanwhile, the Regional Management Body (BPD) of the Greater Jakarta Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association ( Hipmi Jaya) fully supports the development of the Archipelago IKN in East Kalimantan Province. General Chairperson ( Ketum ) of Hipmi Jaya, Sona Measana , revealed that his party fully supports this development because it is part of an even distribution of development in Indonesia.

Sona then added that there are many examples of other countries that have succeeded in making their old national capitals an economic center after they were no longer national capitals, such as in Australia, Turkey and Malaysia. Therefore, they hope that in the future, even though Jakarta is no longer the capital city, it still has the privileges and specificities of being the center of the economy and culture.

Using the examples of some of these countries, he admits that some of these countries have indeed succeeded in separating cities that will be used as centers of government and also centers of the economy so that they can finally really focus on carrying out development.

According to Ketum Hipmi Jaya , moving the national capital is the same as reducing the burden on Jakarta, which is the center of government as well as the center of the economy. Although, he added, Jakarta has so far proven capable of bearing this burden.

Therefore, because the transfer of the capital city to East Kalimantan is able to ease the burden on Jakarta, young entrepreneurs in Jakarta and the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta will continue to join hands to realize Jakarta in the future as an economic, business and cultural center that will make Jakarta a new heart. Indonesia’s future.

Regarding the rise of pros and cons regarding relocating the new capital city , Sona conveyed , as good citizens, of course, the public is expected not to make statements that could cause divisions. Even though differences of opinion are a very common thing to happen, he hopes that all parties can continue to support the government for a much better Indonesia.

The construction of the National Archipelago National Park and efforts to move the capital city from Jakarta to East Kalimantan have received full support from young entrepreneurs. They claim that the relocation of the capital will reduce the burden on Jakarta and aims to achieve equitable development in Indonesia.

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