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Fully supports strict law enforcement in KST Papua


Regional Military Commander (Pangdam) ) on the Earth of Cenderawasih.

Not only was it carried out by members of the Indonesian National Police (Polri), but strict law enforcement efforts were also promoted by security forces from joint TNI personnel as well because the separatist gangs had gone too far.

KST Papua often commits many acts of cruelty that are very barbaric and completely inhumane, because they carry out shootings and also abuse anyone indiscriminately. Not half-hearted, even the terrorist gangs often endanger the lives of security forces and even indigenous Papuan civilians (OAP) in the Bintang Mountains Regency who are actually completely innocent of anything.

Of course, law enforcement efforts must continue to be carried out so that KST Papua and all their sympathizers no longer carry out a series of very cruel and heinous acts of violence, including acts of arson in several areas in the Bintang Mountains Regency.

To stop all the atrocities carried out by the gang of parties who committed treason against the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), the security forces from joint personnel consisting of members of the TNI and Polri are trying to provide a sense of security and comfort to all Papuan people.

When conditions in the Land of Papua can continue to guarantee security and conduciveness, then of course it will also have a significant and direct impact on development which until now continues to be intensified by the Government, especially in the era of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi)’s leadership who has paid a lot of attention to fully to all communities in Bumi Cenderawasih and strives to eliminate social disparities between communities by creating equitable development.

When Papuan KST can be eradicated by implementing very firm and fair law enforcement, all their actions can also be suppressed, which will also have an impact on the smoothness of efforts to accelerate development carried out by the Indonesian Government and this development can also have an impact on improving the welfare of all OAP and can be enjoyed by the residents themselves.

It cannot be denied that the task and measurable law enforcement efforts that continue to be carried out by the security apparatus from joint personnel have the aim of providing a sense of security to the entire community. On the other hand, with optimal law enforcement, it will also facilitate various kinds of activities across sectors in the Land of Papua.

Some of them are activities in the economic sector itself which are clearly very important for the sustainability of the region and the people there, where when economic activity in a region can run well, of course it also has a good impact on increasing economic activity nationally.

Then the second is that there will be an increase in the education sector. When the quality of the education sector in Bumi Cenderawasih can be improved to be much better, then the quality of human resources (HR) of young people who are the next generation of the nation in Papua will also be superior. They will be very ready to compete in the open economic era, even at the global level like now, and the young generation will also be prepared to face various challenges when the next demographic bonus occurs.

It is clear that the smooth running of all activities in various sectors can move smoothly and return to normal if the security of the people in Papua, as well as security in the Cenderawasih Earth region, is guaranteed when the existence and various acts of cruelty from KST Papua can be suppressed. Moreover, by successfully reducing the turbulent actions of the separatist gangs, the community can also carry out their daily activities without being overwhelmed by fear.

On September 30, the Damai Cartenz law enforcement team succeeded in shooting five KST Papua members and killing them in the Serambakon District. In other words, very firm and measurable law enforcement efforts against KST Papua carried out by security forces from joint personnel are indeed very important because they will have an impact on the normal functioning of many sectors in Papua. So that law enforcement efforts deserve to continue to receive full support from all parties.

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