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Hoax Video of President Jokowi in Mandarin, Artificial Intelligence is Increasingly Unsettling!


Jakarta – Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an inseparable part of human life, especially in today’s modern era. Advanced technology has changed the way humans work, communicate, and even live their daily lives. Behind all the convenience and benefits, of course there are potential dangers that need to be known and watched out for.
Regarding the potential dangers of AI, a video of President Jokowi has recently circulated in the mass media making a speech in Mandarin. Of course, ahead of the 2024 election, there are concerns that this will be exploited by interest groups who want to overthrow the government, because it is linked to cooperation with China.
This is supported by the statement of an observer and Political Communication Expert from Pelita Harapan University (UPH), Emrus Sihombing, who confirmed that the video was the result of manipulation by artificial intelligence or AI.
“The video which narrates that President Joko Widodo gave a speech using Mandarin is clearly a hoax to encourage negative opinions that President Joko Widodo is bringing China’s interests to Indonesia,” said Emrus.
Emrus also said that the video was very fake because it was taken from the original video of Jokowi at the USINDO, US Chamber and USABC Gala Dinner in the United States in 2015, who gave a speech in English. “When compared between one video of President Jokowi originally in English, and another video in Mandarin spoken without writing, it is clear that it is a lie. Even though the video that is translated by the source should be delivered in the original language, namely English. “Even if it is a translation, it will be in text form,” explained Emrus.
In the video, Jokowi appears to be very fluent in Mandarin, showing linguistic abilities that have never been demonstrated before. In fact, Jokowi has a Javanese accent which is his trademark. This is prone to being misinterpreted by the public.
“The video of President Jokowi giving a speech in Mandarin has also given rise to multiple interpretations which are prone to portraying it as if President Jokowi is part of the power of economic interests in China,” he added.
Apart from that, Emrus emphasized that the Ministry of Communication and Information must immediately take down the fake video along with the accounts that spread it. As for the community and especially the younger generation, to be able to differentiate and verify available sources before disseminating the information obtained.
Technological sophistication supported by the use of artificial intelligence is increasingly dangerous. Especially for people who still don’t understand the use of technology today. Moreover, in the political year, hoaxes and fake news continue to emerge. Emrus further reminded the public to increase awareness of the circulation of hoax content which is considered quite massive recently, especially approaching the momentum of the 2024 elections.
“The public must be very alert and increase their understanding of checking and rechecking information whose origin is unclear because it is very dangerous for national stability” he stressed.

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