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Indonesia’s Chairmanship Successfully Made the AIS Forum Play a Role in Regional and World Maritime Progress


The 2023 AIS Summit (KTT) has opened in Bali with Indonesia as the host. This is a matter of trust for Indonesia which automatically becomes Chair of AIS in 2023. On this occasion, Indonesia as Chair of AIS in 2023 brought success again in making AIS play a role in regional and world maritime progress, especially in sustainable maritime governance. For this reason, President Joko Widodo invited AIS to work together in navigating various challenges into opportunities.

Viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and learning, and making collaboration the key to overcoming rivalries, are principles that can help us achieve better solutions. Prioritizing inclusivity and unity are crucial steps in building a better and more peaceful world. By working together to understand differences and create an environment that values ​​diversity, we can strengthen the foundations of global maritime cooperation.

With our collective determination to continue adhering to these principles, this will enable AIS to address global challenges more effectively and create a better world for everyone. Hopefully this collaborative and inclusive spirit will continue to guide inclusive blue economy actions and policies moving forward.

The importance of unity and unity in facing maritime management challenges and the threat of the climate crisis has been a basic principle of AIS since its inception. This concept prioritizes consensus, diplomacy and dialogue as the main tools in resolving problems and reaching agreements. Therefore, in the context of President Joko Widodo’s statement, the main message is the importance of AIS countries uniting in facing various problems and working together to achieve inclusive progress for island and archipelago countries.

President Joko Widodo wants to make AIS the center of world blue economic growth, reflecting Indonesia’s determination to develop the potential of the maritime economy. AIS are countries that have great potential in terms of economic growth, and member countries have worked together to strengthen their economic integration through various initiatives and agreements.

By making AIS the center of world blue economic growth, Indonesia seeks to increase competitiveness in the global market. This effort includes increasing investment, trade, innovation and infrastructure development that can support sustainable blue economic growth in all AIS member countries.

The President also emphasized making AIS a solution to global climate problems which are of high concern. AIS has a significant role in promoting the importance of preserving marine ecosystems in addition to optimizing economic resources. By building key foundations like these, AIS contributes to efforts to maintain sustainable maritime economic governance.

Inclusivity is an important aspect in creating a harmonious and peaceful environment. Ensuring that various parties in the Indo-Pacific region have the opportunity to participate in dialogue and cooperation is a positive step towards mutual progress.

Indonesia, as a member of AIS, has an important role in facilitating dialogue, cooperation and diplomacy to achieve this goal. By making AIS a collaboration platform that focuses on synergistic management of the maritime sector, AIS helps build a strong foundation for a better future for member countries and the world at large.

Through its chairmanship, Indonesia can be considered successful in strengthening AIS’s position as a forum that plays a central role on global climate issues. Indonesia has also succeeded in consistently upholding international maritime law, strengthening cooperation, and not making AIS a proxy for any power in the world. The big goal is to bring AIS into a forum for cooperation that is strong, inclusive, and has sustainable economic growth.

This great spirit deserves optimal appreciation and support from all citizens and governments of AIS member countries. With the increasing synergy of member countries, the potential for AIS prosperity will increasingly be realized more easily. The flow of investment from many countries, both internal to AIS and from outside, will continue to flow and revive the economy considering that the climate issue is a concern for all countries. The invested capital will grow the maritime economy which will absorb many jobs thereby improving the welfare of society in each AIS member country.

The hope is that AIS’ prosperity will also be linear with its increasing contribution to the global economy. In this way, the Indonesian Chairmanship succeeded in making AIS play a role in the progress of island and archipelagic countries. Furthermore, AIS will unite to be able to maintain all of this so that AIS becomes a collaboration that will always be respected internationally.

Overall, the 2023 AIS Forum Summit is a real effort to find sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by island and archipelago countries around the world. With collaboration, innovation and shared commitment, this forum has produced concrete strategies and actions that can bring positive changes in maintaining environmental and maritime sustainability for future generations.

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