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Jakarta Women’s Volleyball Team BIN Steady Toward Proliga 2023 Final Four


Yogyakarta – The Jakarta BIN women’s volleyball team is advancing towards the 2023 Proliga Final Four after winning 3rd place after defeating first round champion Jakarta Pertamina Fastron 3-2 (25-21, 20-25, 16-25, 25-20, 15 -9) in the second round match, week three, at the Yogyakarta State University (UNY) Sports Hall, Special Region of Yogyakarta, Friday (17/2/2023).

The Jakarta BIN women’s volleyball team is ready to make achievements and make history in the 2023 Proliga Final Four. Their performance in the previous round is a reference for the team to continue the struggle.

Jakarta BIN led from the first set of the match with a score of 25-21. There is no doubt that Peiyan Chen, a player from China, has managed to dominate the game so that Jakarta Pertamina Fastron has nothing to do with it.

Jakarta BIN coach, Octavian revealed, today’s match is seen for the Final Four which aims to find a competitive mentality for his team. Even though there were mistakes in several sets that led to defeat, Octavian is optimistic that he can present victory in the Final Four later.

“We’ll see for the Final Four, we also have a lot of rotations. Thank God, the rotation was running even though there are obstacles, hopefully this match will give us confidence to face the Final Four,” he said.

The Jakarta BIN team believes they can rise in the fourth and fifth sets, they are back in control of the game over Jakarta Pertamina Fastron with a score of 25-20, 15-9. Jakarta BIN is confirmed to be ready to fight in the Final Four.

“Right now we’re just keeping the condition of the players. Especially foreign players so they don’t get injured and their motivation goes down. Foreign players in Proliga still influence local players. So we will continue to watch over it. What is clear is that we don’t want to hitch a ride in the Proliga,” he added.

Outside hitter from Jakarta BIN, Aulia Suci Nurfadila, admitted that the match against Jakarta Pertamina Fastron had experienced a few problems. Peiyan Chen’s rest mid-set left his team overwhelmed, but his team overcame any shortfalls quickly.

“Thank God, it’s fine, even though there are a few obstacles, maybe earlier Peiyan Chen was not feeling well, he wasn’t fit enough so he dropped a bit, if there’s no pressure from the opponent. Hopefully we can do even better in the future and Jakarta BIN will win,” said Aulia.

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