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Job Creation Perppu is in favor of Workers


Jakarta – The government has inaugurated the Job Creation Perppu to benefit workers. It would be a big mistake if the government was only pro-employers because workers’ welfare was also considered.

When the Job Creation Perppu was passed at the end of 2022, there was a bit of turmoil in society. Even though this Perppu was installed as a substitute for the Job Creation Law which aims to benefit workers. The Job Creation Perppu is guaranteed not to harm the community because workers’ rights still exist and there are no changes for the worse.

The Director General for Development of Industrial Relations and Labor Social Security at the Ministry of Manpower, Indah Anggoro Putri, stated that the wage regulations to be revised are related to the minimum wage calculation formula where the variables are economic growth and inflation, accompanied by a certain index which will be linked to the rate of increase in the minimum wage according to function as a social safety net. The revision occurred after the Job Creation Perppu was passed.

In a sense, the Job Creation Perppu is in favor of workers because there is a revision of the previous rule (Job Creation Law). Where the provincial minimum wage setting can be changed based on economic growth and inflation. Given that inflation is a natural thing to happen and the normal increase is 8% per year. If there is inflation, the UMP (Provincial Minimum Wage) will also be adjusted.

Supposedly, with the wage regulations in the Job Creation Perppu, workers don’t have to worry about even demonstrating, or going on strike. This Perppu is in their favor because the rights of employees (salary) are still given based on the UMP. Meanwhile, the nominal UMP is also adjusted every year, so they don’t have to worry about it.

So far, the workers seem to be anti-change even though changes in regulations are not always negative. Perppu Cipta Kerja, which was created to regulate employment, was made to benefit workers. The majority of Indonesian citizens have status as employees so that the government will not make rules that are detrimental to its people.

Meanwhile, the provision of UMP to employees is also only for those who have just started work. The minimum wage only applies to workers who have just entered the labor market with a period of 1 year and below. For workers who have worked for 1 year and above, the Job Creation Perppu actually stipulates an affirmation regarding the company’s obligation to use the wage structure and scale (SUSU).

The regulation requires workers with a working period of 1 year and above to experience an increase in wages. The Ministry of Manpower urges every company to make and implement a wage policy based on MILK.

Indah continued, giving wages above the UMP is of course adjusted to the ability of the company and the level of productivity of the worker as well, then maybe his attitude, his behavior. Those who work for more than 1 year must experience an increase (wages).

In a sense, workers don’t have to worry if the nominal UMP is felt to be insufficient. The reason is because only new employees (who have worked for less than one year) will get it. Whereas those who have worked for more than one year will get a salary above the UMP and the nominal is based on company policy.

Meanwhile, the Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security, Mahfud MD, stated that the criticism occurred because workers had not studied the Job Creation Perppu in its entirety. There are also those who read the headlines (about this Perppu) without reading the contents. However, he invited the public to discuss and socialize the Job Creation Perppu.

In a sense, if someone accuses that the Job Creation Perppu is detrimental to society, then they are gravely mistaken. The reason is because this Perppu is designed to benefit Indonesian citizens, both workers and employers.

Workers are asked not to just read news about the Job Creation Perppu from incompetent media or even just read the title and then draw their own conclusions. This is very dangerous because currently many online media use click-bait tricks, where the news headlines are sensational but the content is different from the title. If people make their own conclusions, it will cause confusion.

The workers are also advised not to get carried away by their emotions and be provoked so that they join in the demonstrations against the Job Creation Perppu. In a hot situation at a demonstration there could be intruders who heat up the atmosphere and in the end it will be the government’s loss, because of the damage to public facilities by the demonstrators. The Job Creation Perppu is a new regulation that replaces the position of the Job Creation Law. Even workers need not worry because this Perppu will make the future of Indonesian citizens better. They are still entitled to a minimum wage of UMP and can live a decent life, even though it’s still a pandemic. The government is trying to benefit both workers and employers, by ratifying the Job Creation Perppu.

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